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Bacolod City, Philippines Friday, February 17, 2017
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Sol Y Sombra
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Terrible toys of Kim Jong Un

           I am writing this on Valentine’s Day,  a day for lovers.   But as I watch the TV screen, the irony  is that   North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is jubilating over the success of his so-called  ICBM rocket that was photographed recently rising faultlessly  into the wild, blue yonder. Unlike previous ballistic missiles, the new one is powered by solid missile fuel. It could be fired  from a  mobile truck, unlike those liquid fuel missiles fired from submarines that proved by too unreliable, prematurely exploding shortly  after take-off.

          Hey, is there no Valentine in North Korea? Are there no red roses crowding the  streets, musicians assisting in restaurants   to  sweeten the night on such a moment? Are these people bent on making war, not love?

          And one can probably say ---Kim  Jong Un is   not the type to gaze at the stars on a starry evening. If he looks at the sky, he’s imagining his beautiful ballistic   rockets rise from the earth and curving towards its ultimate destination. (The U.S.?)

          The whole world is wondering about  the re-action of the new U.S. president.

          One thing is certain --- the North Korean dictator has a one track mind and no warning from the U.N., from world leaders, will stop  North Korea from  decorating the skies with white smoke from the exhaust of the missiles. Even China, the one nation that can influence North Korea  has not shown any strong moves to do so. It’s probable that China knows it’s futile to tell  Kim Jong Un not to fly those ballistic missiles.

          Incidentally, the half-brother of Kim Jong Un mysteriously   died in Kuala Lumpur. The half-brother, reports say, is a critic of Un  and was waylaid by 2 women    brandishing    poisoned   knives.    If this is correct, it’s a bizarre story, happening during Valentine’s day or there  about. The irony is that, at one time, the murdered half-brother  Kim Jong Nan was the  one favored to succeed their father, Kim Jong Il. Had that happened, Kim Jong Un would have felt the bite of  a poisoned knife and the half older brother enjoying playing with ballistic rockets.


          DESCENDENTS OF SULTAN “ADIONG”. The Gensolin-Gimotea clan held a well-attended  reunion at the Sugarland Hotel last Sunday.  It was a lively affair attended and organized by Dr.  Norman Gensolin and his wife Esrellita Bautista and Dr. Eleanor Gensolin-Velasco.  Both are practicing medicine in the U.S. where they have stayed for quite a long time.

          Incidentally, the mother of the clan, Leonor Gimotea who married Juan  Gensolin  was a descendant of the famous Sultan Adiong Himotea who fathered 22 descendants by 3 successive wives.

          Who was Sultan Adiong Himotea? We know he was a Muslim. But where did he come from – Malaysia? Borneo? Why did he come to this country --- fleeing his enemies? I should contact Numeriano “Nonoy” Gimotea who is the researcher on the long line of descendants of  Adiong Gimotea, many of whom live in Negros Occidental.


          MORE ON THE HFCS. This matter has already reached Congress (as it should).  The only problem is that of time --- how long will it take Congress  if it takes  concrete steps to deal with this problem, since everyone believes it’s a threat to the health of people in Negros and to the  sugar industry. The coalition of Landowners of the Philippines has sent this  column materials on the health risks of HFCS and pointed out that sometime ago  “ magic sugar” and “colored sugar” which are artificial sweeteners were banned. This will involve the Food and Drug Administration.   I think  an independent entity should help validate the health claims on the matter. Meanwhile, it appears that more people like  Sen. Zubiri and Senator Gordon have joined the cause against HFCS. May their tribe increase!*


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