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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Betrayed Girlfriend

Dear Tito,

It has been my desire to write you but I did not have the courage to do so thinking that I might be able to solve my problem. But it has been almost 6 months now and I continue to struggle with the situation.

My boyfriend and I have been in this relationship for the last 2 years. In fact, we have started talking about settling down this year 2017. I really feel he is the right guy for me. I can see how much he cares for me and sometimes he would help when I run into some financial challenges. Both of us are professionals and very active in serving our church. One of the things that I really admire in him is that he has shown so much respect for me and has not taken advantage of our relationship. He always reminds me that he would wait for the day when we get married to be physically intimate. He values sex in marriage as sacred. That is why I really trusted him so much.

Recently, we have been facing some challenges with our relationship. We start to disagree now even with little things and would sometimes not see each other for a few days not even communicating thru mobile phones. He would always complain about my work schedule. I always tell him I cannot do anything because my job demands more of my time. Also I live alone and he would always complain that things are not done properly inside my house.

Recently we had another misunderstanding that resulted in another time of not seeing each other. After a few days, my friend called me up and told me that she saw that my boyfriend posted a picture together with another girl in his social media. She told me to check it out with him. I quickly called up my boyfriend and asked who the girl in the picture. He told me that she was just a friend and they were together during one of his activities. At first I believed him, but constantly I have been seeing a lot of pictures of him and the girl together. Finally, I confronted him and he did not say anything.

Tito, I feel that he is having a relationship with the girl. I still don't have confirmation from him. Right now, I just feel he has betrayed me. It has been weeks now and we still have not seen each other and talked about our relationship. I really feel betrayed in this situation.

Betrayed Girlfriend


Dear Betrayed Girlfriend,

I continue to believe relationships such as yours could still be broken. I don't want to warn you because I know you two are the ones who established this relationship.

Based on what you shared, I saw that you guys were bound to tie the knot but I am surprised why your boyfriend has shown some interest lately in another girl. For me it is good that you discovered this before you get married. He might have shown you some care, but not much of love in your relationship.

I would say, make the first move to see him and talk about your relationship. Remember it takes two to tango. When you think that you, too have failed to do your part in the relationship, then accept your faults. Try to get his commitment again, but if he shows some signs of not wanting a commitment anymore, it's time to stop the relationship. You might only regret it later. Of course your first aim is for restoration.

Praying for you.




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