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Bacolod City, Philippines Thursday, January 12, 2017
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New friends


It is said that there is no fury like a woman spurned. But it takes two ways. The woman was spurned because she played hard to get or took the suitor for granted so the suitor left to seek another.

The case of the Philippines, or more specifically, President Rodrigo Duterte, who seemed to be a man who had wanted to have all the things he wished but the United States spurned his attempts. So he goes out into the world and tells America's traditional enemies that they are his new friends.

Now the Philippines has two new friends China and Russia. Both are the world's top communist regimes. And to show his affections, Duterte is willing to forget that we have won the case against China in our territorial claim. Duterte can just ignore what we had worked hard and long for it with the support of the United States.

What joy there must be in Beijing at its good fortune! China's reported support for the presidential candidacy of Duterte paid off. Now China can laugh at the US.

Not to be undone, Russia sent its warship on a goodwill tour of the Philippines and promised that it will give first class and brand new weaponry to the Philippines, as if to spite the US that is accused of giving the Philippines second hand or reconditioned ships. While the US sells guns to the Philippines it retains the ammunition and its manufacture.

So now the Philippines belongs to the communists sphere in global alliances. Russia has now a base in the Pacific for its warships to counter American interest in this part of the world where the US had held a dominant stature since it won World War II.

Russia has a quarrel with Japan on territorial issues and without a Pacific base Russia has no clout in this part of the world. With a base in the Philippines, Russia will now have a direct and unhindered access to Australia, India, Singapore and other parts of Asia and the Pacific. Worse, the road is now clear and exposes America's West Coast.

For those who studied geopolitics and events that brought about World War II, the United States had always feared Japan's control of the Pacific. At the time Japan was the strongest nation in Asia. China was weakened by internal discord so much so that its government failed to prevent Japan's invasion and occupation of Manchuria and other Chinese provinces.

With the Philippines as the new allies of the two communist countries of China and Russia, only Japan and South Korea can prevent further communist intrusion into the Pacific. But Korea is vulnerable from its neighbor, the communist North Koreans who have recently tested another missile that can carry an atomic warhead and hit Japan and even the US West Coast.

While Communist China's new friend Duterte is looking the other way, or busy killing drug pushers and users, China is building and expanding its military, air and naval base in the West Philippine Sea. Why would Duterte drive his friends away?

So now we have the two communist countries, Russia and China occupying military bases that can tip the balance of power in this region.

Russia had already neutralized threat from the West and its entry into the Pacific was gained without firing a shot. Thanks to Duterte, of course. The only shot fired so far came from the mouth of the Philippine president who is acting like a woman spurned. He revealed why he dislikes the US he was denied a visa.

The US at this moment is unable to take action but the implications to its security and trade is clear. Control or strong influence of China and Russia in the Philippines will be a serious threat that will have to be addressed only after Donald Trump assumes office.

What of the millions of Filipinos in America? Duterte won among the Filipinos there and it is highly possible that they had influenced their families here in the Philippines to vote for Duterte.

The communist insurgency will be strengthened with the Philippine alliance with the two communist superpowers. A communist military base and weaponry will have impact on the war against the rebels. For one, communism will no longer be a dangerous ideology. Duterte has cleansed it.

Local communist allies are now publicly displaying the communist emblem on their shirts.*



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