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Bacolod City, Philippines Saturday, June 10, 2017

She likes them both

Dear Tito,

I am 24 years old and about to graduate from a university here in Bacolod City.

We have a neighbor who was my childhood friend. We grew up together and most of the time we were playmates with other kids in our neighborhood.

Honestly Tito, I did not like him during our younger days because he was fond of teasing me most of the time. In fact, during our high school days, his habit of bullying me never stopped sometimes even in front of other people.

Being a teenager, I felt embarrassed and was crying out to be respected but he kept on doing it. There was one time I was planning to tell my high school boyfriend about it but I was afraid that my boyfriend would hurt him.

While I was finishing my college degree in education, I was surprised that we where in the same school. He was in the engineering department.

I was really trying to avoid him because I did not want to be teased again in front of my friends. But one time we met at the cafeteria and he approached me. This time he did not tease me, he was very friendly and kept me company for awhile. He even bought me some snacks. For the first time, I really enjoyed his company, we talked about our childhood days. He would even accompany me going home in the evening after class.

I am still in a relationship but I feel something different developing for my childhood friend. I do believe I am starting to like him. When I am in school, I look forward of seeing him and joining me during our break time.

Recently, I was so surprised that he told me that he likes me very much and wants me to be his girlfriend. I did not know what to say, I was just stunned and shocked. I must admit I really like him too but I am still in a relationship.

We are about to graduate and I still have not answered him back. I am confused now. I like him but I find it hard to break up with my current boyfriend.

Confused Lady


Dear Confused Lady,

This is indeed a good and bad problem. Good, that you are so inspired but bad that you are torn between two guys in your life.

I believe the problem is YOU. You like them both but you cannot decide which of them you like more.

You really have to make that decision or else it will catch up with you. These guys don't know yet that you like them both. For how long will you keep this feeling? It will be hurting for them if they find out that you are trying to give them hope by pursuing a divided love and attention.

Especially to your current boyfriend who has been there for you. And also your childhood friend, who now shows some affection and love.

Don't prolong this situation, and make a decision: which of the two guys do you really want to have a relationship with.

Praying for you.



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