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Bacolod City, Philippines Monday, June 19, 2017
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SJI coup?


An angel sent me several vital documents related to St. John's Institute. Two days later, another angel handed me a set of papers relative to the school and the church. Later, as I was about to finish this column, a choir of angels rendered so many insider songs about the same. Since they are also dramatis personae in this controversy, the lyrics they sang are indeed immeasurable.

Metaphors aside, the documents, the information and the discussions of the issues can fill a book that I think it would be worthwhile to write my 16 th book with this controversy as the subject. This is now history unfolding, a secular issue.

All the new information supports my suspicion that there was an internal coup in SJI. A biological weapon first created a sore that festered with constant scratching and deftly handled propaganda. Adverse information to the SJI and parish community was filtered and cleverly crafted before released.

The demand to “deparish” the Queen of Peace that seemed illogical now appears to be cleverly planned as part of the take over of the SJI. Allegations about security of the students, bad relationships with the LRMS and the diocesan priest, clerical abuse, scandals involving money and the uncompromising position of Bishop Patricio Buzon were well orchestrated to create a crisis.

The coup plotters were expertly prepared with their demands. People, the bishop as well as this writer asked before whether the Board of Trustees knew what they were asking when they demanded to “deparish” the Queen of Peace. I now believe they knew the result, the reason that they refused to budge, the matter non-negotiable. To insure that the diocese would give in, they peppered their demand with abusive and disrespectful behavior.

I had earlier heard that the behavior of some members of the BOT was only during the meeting with the bishop. Now eyewitnesses say this is not so because even before a big audience of SJI alumni, a woman BOT member already behaved with great disrespect by dumping the alleged collected demand to deparish the Queen of Peace before the bishop.

It seems now that it is not just the BOT that insisted on the closure of the parish but a bigger group that I am inclined to believe are victims of the preparatory operations for the coup.

This disrespect for the bishop is nothing compared to the blasphemy of one of the partisans. I was shown a photograph of a clearly CINO and probably even an anti-Christ who wore a tee shirt with “blackmail” emblazoned on it. If he had worn that anywhere else, that is his prerogative. But he wore that during the last Mass and inside the church on May 31. The CINO and the BOT had used the term “blackmail” to describe the position of the diocese to close the church if the parish was removed.

This is ridiculous because they demanded and got what they wanted. Who blackmailed who? But that is beside the point. What is despicable is he attended Mass, the summit of all Catholic liturgy, as if he was attending a gathering of thugs. He was not insulting the priest but God.

To assuage the apprehensions some in the SJI community about the departure of the priests, the SJI president allegedly assured them that they had already the commitment of “two dissident priests”. Asked by the bishop to name them, the president kept silent.

Either he was ignorant of Church law or he intentionally misled his constituents lest they defect. The angels coined a new word, “BOTigon” to describe the present school leadership.

Is this the kind of people that now lead SJI? Have they sunk so low, rejecting their Catholic values? Indeed the SJI community appears now divided with true Catholics, CINOs and outright heretics.

The founders of SJI anticipated the possibility of SJI officials becoming heretics or CINO that it prescribed the manner of dealing with them. I shall cite these later.

Two puzzles arose during my study of the case of St. John Institute. First, who owns this school? Second, how was the diocese removed from its board that led to the take-over of controls, the coup?

It behooves us to seek the answer. The controversy could not have happened over night and without conspiring forces that resulted in the loss of the Queen of Peace Parish and SJI as a Catholic institution.

I'll continue tomorrow.*




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