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Bacolod City, Philippines Thursday, March 30, 2017
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DOH official warns of heatstroke

The Department of Health has warned of heatstroke, especially among senior citizens, during the summer months.

            “Senior citizens are more vulnerable than others because their body thermostat no longer functions just like when they were younger," DOH spokesperson, Dr. Eric Tayag, said.

            Tayag said that also vulnerable to heatstroke are traffic enforcers, construction workers, and commuters in public transport with no air conditioning unit to keep them cool.
            Heatstroke occurs when the body’s temperature shoots to 42 degrees Celsius. It can mimic heart attacks and strokes.

            Tayag advised those working under the sun and commuters to work or travel when the heat of the sun is not that strong.
            They can protect themselves by wearing a hat and clothes with short sleeves, he said.

            Putting the wrists under running water or applying an ice pack on the neck also help, along with spraying cold water, chewing on frozen fruits, and avoiding caffeinated beverages to avoid dehydration, he said.

            Meanwhile, a study by researchers at Oregon State University suggests that elevated blood pressure is not related to high mortality risk among elderly people with weak grip strength.

            The findings, based on data from 7,492 Americans age 65 or older who had taken part in the nationally representative Health and Retirement Study, indicate that the relationship between high blood pressure and risk of death is largely dependent on the elders’ frailty status as measured by walking speed.

            “If people are very frail, they typically don’t respond well to anti-hypertensive therapy and they are not benefiting from having a low blood pressure," said Chenkai Wu, a graduate student in OSU's College of Public Health and Human Sciences and lead author of the study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

            “The research is basically saying older adults are not one single group, they're very different in terms of their health status, and drugs may not have the same benefits for everyone. This is consistent with the idea of precision medicine, where you don't just look at age, you look at other things like functional status."

            Measured in millimeters of mercury, blood pressure is the force of blood against the vessel walls. Systolic blood pressure, the higher number, is the force during a heartbeat, and diastolic refers to when the heart is at rest. Most people's diastolic blood pressure goes down with age. Systolic blood pressure, though, tends to rise, and high blood pressure, known as hypertension, can put extra strain on the heart and arteries, causing greater risk of heart attack and stroke.

            Showing that elevated systolic blood pressure (150 or greater) and diastolic blood pressure (90 or greater) correlated with a substantially higher likelihood of dying for those with normal grip strength, which is 26 kilograms or more for men and 16 kilograms or more for women, the new study suggests that an elderly patient's level of physical functionality should be considered in determining whether anti-hypertensive therapy is warranted.

            Six years after being surveyed, 25 percent of the elderly people involved in the study had died.

            Grip strength, easily measured by an inexpensive device known as a dynamometer, is a common way to gauge functionality in the elderly. Another often-used measuring stick is walking speed.

            “Both measures are markers of functional status, a multidimensional concept. Considering both might be better than considering each measure alone for identifying subgroups of elders for whom high blood pressure is potentially beneficial," Wu was quoted as saying in a news release from OSU.

            “We did three analyses. One was to look at gait speed to separate people into two groups, normal and slow. The second part was grip strength -- weak grip and normal grip. Third, we looked at the combinations, and the strongest inverse association between high blood pressure and mortality was for slow walkers with weak grip strength."

            The findings suggest that treating high blood pressure in older patients should not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. When an older person is still functioning at a high level physically, high blood pressure indicates mortality risk; however, when the person is not physically robust, high blood pressure is not a marker for mortality risk.*PNA


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Summer love dance set April 22 in Bacolod

The biggest music festival, the Summer Love Dance 2017, will be held at L’Fisher Chalet roofdeck, from 5 p.m. on April 22 until 2:30 a.m. the following day, its press release said.

            It will feature performances from Korky Buchek of Australia, Kouta Kutsuma, Mrkiii, Zelijah, and Borhuh, all from Manila, and Bacolod’s finest disc jockeys.

            The event will have one main stage by the pool and three different rooms with various music genres to cater to everyone, the press release said.

            Tickets are pre-selling at P350, and tables are sold at P7,000 with five premium passes and P4,000 consumable. Tickets are available at L’Fisher Hotel, Miren Café, and Fresh Start at SM City, or contact 0927-8885878, the press release added.*


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People & Events
Summer love dance set April 22 in Bacolod

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