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Bacolod City, Philippines Tuesday, September 5, 2017
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Echoes from SJI - 8


In his Circular, Bishop Buzon said, “we will not impose ourselves but simply follow the Lord's advice to his disciples, ‘And if anyone does not welcome you or listen as to what to you have to say, as you walk out of the house or town, shake the dust from your feet. (Mt. 10:14)'.”

The bishop did not pursue the words of Jesus which was a warning that we can consider an imprecation similar to what the Lord said to the fig tree that did not bear fruit. The tree withered and died that instant.

In the cited biblical passage, Our Lord continued to say, “I assure you, it will go easier for the region of Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than it will be for that town”. What did God do to these two cities that now they are synonymous with depraved life? That seems just a comparison but if considered deeply enough, the Lord will be merciful to those two cities than to those places where his apostles shook off the dust from their footwear. This “shaking off” and the warning of Jesus attendant to this act can be considered an imprecation by the Lord; worse than the imprecation uttered by human beings. The bishop is a direct successor of the apostles.

Of course, we cannot know what Our Lord will do, only time will tell but what we know is that the diocese shook the dust of SJI from its sandals. The rest is God's. Nobody should underestimate the power of the Church to whom Christ gave the keys to heaven and can bind or loose sins, a gift that God did not give even to angels. For the non-Catholics and Catholics in Name Only (CINO), this may not be a bother, but whatever they do or say or ignore, it is immaterial, the imprecation is there. Only the Church can lift that as it is the only one that can lift the Interdiction of the church. Let it not be said they were not told.
  I just hope that the presuming trustees realize the gravity of the “shaking off the dust” but time will tell and we can look back to this scheme to drive out the church from its own property. Let the IMBOT study history.

Let us take an example of the only one time in Negros history I know when the “shake off the dust” imprecation was used by a priest. After the Spanish regime fell on November 6, 1898, the Minister of War, Juan Araneta ordered the incarceration of all Spanish priests. A unit of the revolutionaries went to the Minuluang (Talisay) convent to arrest Fr. Fernando Cuenca. The aged priest took off his sandals, showed them to the rebels and told them he would shake off the dust of the town from his sandals, and he would leave. The rebels backed off. They understood the consequences to their town and souls that the pretender board of SJI did not. I will not even use the more popular meaning of the word.

The propaganda machine hammered on the same theme: the diocese wants the money. But as I already discussed the covetous eyes of the presuming trustees was partly only for the parish income, the fact however is that the other money-making operation under the control of each member of IMBOT had all been going on but far from public view until insider information shared them to me in several documents.

The report that the money-making operations of SJI has been apportioned among the IMBOT can be denied, but the thumb marks are there. As in the past, the person concerned in the IMBOT can furnish me his or her refutation if the information relayed to this column is false or incorrect.

SJI was/is a mission. Rightly did the diocese stripped it of recognition for it no longer serves that mission. Will the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines remove SJI from the list of Catholic institutions? It must prove it is still Catholic in communion with the diocese.

There is a twist in this subject. Our informant said that the IMBOT is also engaged in business transactions in the school. Was the church takeover a business expansion?

Let's find out tomorrow. *







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