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Bacolod City, Philippines Monday, April 16, 2018
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Bacolod Workshops 2018

Ninfa Leonardia

The USLS Institute of the Moving Image once again opened its doors to the creatively inclined, through the Bacolod Workshops, from April 10 to May 12.

The summer offering of courses aims to harness talents, widen the perspective of workshop participants, and ground them with an idea on actual industry practices. BW is proud of its pool of instructors and resource persons.

First in the line-up of performing arts courses is Teenage and Basic Acting, which focuses on the fundamental elements in acting, the main bulk of the course is centered towards acting exercises. Instructors are Kurt Soberano and Nonilon Torpez.

Soberano had 15 years of workshop experience under his belt. He has the most workshops attended in the Negros Summer Workshops and the Bacollywood Workshops on record. Acting on stage and film are his passion. He is one of the sought-after young events hosts in Bacolod City and is one of the hosts of ABS-CBN’s weekly magazine show “Amiga”. He is also a member of the Bacolod Improv Group.

Torpez is accomplished as both an actor and a teacher. He has had a range of involvement in stage and video productions. He is a full-time faculty of the USLS Integrated School.

Children’s Theater is an introduction to the world of performing. Students will be presented with theater concepts fit for their developmental stage, as they explore their imagination, and build self-confidence.

Jane Quilisadio has had a long career in teaching and acting. She was Ms. Jane to the USLS-IS for 25 years. Acting, on the other hand, started with PETA, then bit parts in “Going Bananas” and “Maricel Live”. It was then the NSW, a good number of stage plays, ad endorsements, and short films.

Advance acting program is exclusive only to those students who are committed to further enhance their skills as a performer. This is an intensive training course focusing on acting techniques for live performances and working with the camera. Instructors are John Arceo and Jack Triño.

Arceo is a full-bloodied thespian. His accomplishments include being the founding member of the BIG based in Sugarlandia and one of the original members of Kinengkoy Comedy Express. He excels in live performances and has a string of works in film that spans three decades. He had worked with directors old and new. Up and coming ones like Law Fajardo and Jay Abello, great ones such as Erik Matti, and master directors like Lore Reyes and Peque Gallaga.

Triño is a director, actor, teacher and farmer. He has had a long career with the stage and the camera and is a strong advocate of the arts for education. He teaches in Liceo dela Salle and is this year’s Bacolod Workshops director.

Movement focuses on the awareness and understanding of how the body moves, this course allows students to explore the full range of actions and movements to handle the demands of the character or the story.

Instructor is Rene Hinojales, who is a director, choreographer, teacher and performer, among many other hats. Rene is sought-after for his vast creative range distilled from three decades of continuing training and strict discipline. His giftedness was recognized with the conferment of the Centennial Award for Choreography by the province of Negros Occidental.

In the areas of production and technical courses, the Teenage Film Production is the introduction to the basics of making a film for teenagers. Using updated and 21 st century approaches in writing, shooting, and editing, students experience a hands-on application, and lecture under the guidance of professionals to provide the fundamental disciplines in becoming a filmmaker in the future.

Instructor is Julius de la Peña, who is a graduate of the USLS AB Inter-Disciplinary Studies. He developed the love for filmmaking in the Negros Summer Workshops and his short films granted him multiple entries to the Annual Cinema Rehiyon. At present, he works full time as a multi media artist/coordinator at the USLS. His specialty leans towards graphic design, web design and development and desktop publishing. He also teaches at the USLS College of Engineering and Technology.

Film Production, on the other hand, provides an overview of all aspects of video and film production from pre-production to post-production. Students undergo the process of conceptualization, production management techniques and post-production under professional guidance. Instructors are Johnrick Ylosorio and Rolf Baynosa.

Ylosorio is a creative multimedia artist with over two decades of experience in the industry. He is passionate for filmmaking and his experience ranges from production design, lighting design, editing, graphic design animation and directing. He is an effective multi-tasker and a one-man army in his own right. Most of his time now is dedicated to the non-government organization International Care Ministries Philippines where he works as a director for media affairs.

Baynosa had filmed about 400 episodes of news features and local documentaries in his young career. Currently, he is affiliated with Grilled Cheese Studios and manages his own production house, Sugarrush Productions. He believes that working with your heart will ensure a unique experience of capturing those unforgettable moments on film.

Basic Day and Night Make-up and Make-up for Film, Stage, and TV is thoroughly hands-on, the course is a solid introduction to the world of make-up artistry. Discussions and execution of the skills and techniques necessary to create the basic “no make-up” look, as well as advanced hair and face styling intended for film and television will take you to a whole new level. Lessons in special effect and prosthetics makeup for film will also be given emphasis.

Carlos Durana studied make-up in the NSW under the tutelage of award winning makeup artist Manuel Benito. Soon after, Caloy began to make a name for himself as the up and coming young makeup artist for small independent productions for film, theatre, and events. Today, Caloy’s passion made him as one of Bacolod’s top-rated make-up artists with a resume that spans from local events to the mainstream big budget productions.

Screenwriting focuses on building a concrete foundation on the basics of screenwriting, specifically on character creation and development, scene construction, dialog writing, editing, and script pitching, this course allows the student to find his voice and create his own style of writing by coming up with his own short film script.

The i nstructor is yours truly .

Cinematography allows a participant to become the master of visual storytelling through learning shot composition, lighting and other techniques. This course deals with cinematography’s principles and techniques in manipulating the camera in order to tell a story for the screen.

Instructor Miguel Cruz is known for his work on “ Ang huling henya”  (2013), “K'na, the Dreamweaver”  (2014) and “Barbi: D' Wonder Beki”  (2017). He is currently with a shoot on a Star Cinema production directed by Tony Reyes and starred by Kim Chiu.

Digital Photography is a course that includes hands-on demonstrations with the camera as well as basic digital image editing techniques. Discussions include the work of great photographers alongside your own photographs in order to better understand the fundamentals of composition to create compelling imagery. 

RJ Lacson ’s photography career began in the 1990s when he took Communication Arts at De La Salle University. His passion in taking photographs led to moving images with a continuing education at the New York University where he took up a Film degree. He had ventured into advertising, made TV commercials, several mainstream projects as director, is a production designer and visual consultant, while shooting for a variety of top editorial publications in the country.*

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