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Bacolod City, Philippines Friday, February 23, 2018

Wedding of the year 2


Bacolod's most eligible bachelor, Kim Lopue, recently wed Bacolod's most lovely Malou Ciocon Granada in a lavish and grand wedding ceremony tagged by local media as the “Wedding of the Year”.

Elegant, impeccable, and fabulous are just some of the adjectives that describe the grandeur of the occasion and the personalities involved. From the glamorous bridal gown, to the stunning entourage gowns and suit, the overflowing drinks and food specially made for the occasion by top chefs, and even the unique bridal cake - everything was well thought of, planned, and well-organized by among the top names in the industry.

It was an evening of glitz and grandeur as the most prominent personalities in Sugarlandia were present during the reception. Everyone close to the hearts of the couple and their families were part of the very select guest list of 700 family and friends. Seen in attendance that night were some of the Philippines' business, political, and civic pillars. Friends of the couple also jetted in from Manila, USA, Australia, and Singapore. It was one huge wedding!

And yet, despite this colossal celebration, everyone could feel the warmth, love and family atmosphere during the reception. Both newlyweds are admired as among the most humble yet powerful figures of Negros high society. Kim and Malou Lopue are the most genuine, low-key, and down-to-earth couples, who prefer to take the backseat and let their family and friends shine. I remember Malou even telling the organizer not to give too much attention to them.

Among the highlights at the dinner reception were the speeches of both parents, including that of Malou's loving and devoted mother, Delia Ciocon Granada. Her motherly advice touched the hearts of everyone present, including the bride, who was teary-eyed with joy. Her mom singlehandedly brought up Malou into a beautiful young lady she is today. She has truly inculcated in her real Christian values, love, and respect for fellowmen.

After the dinner reception, a night of dancing followed. It was one joyous occasion that will be remembered by Negrenses and everyone present for years to come.*


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