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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, June 13, 2018
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Tell Your Tito
with Ptr. Gary V. Visitacion

Weekend worry

Dear Tito,

I am 40 years old and happily married to a wonderful husband and a good provider. We have two children who are still in high school and both love sports. My husband is also very athletic and most of the time, our weekends are full of sporting activities.

Lately, a lady friend of my husband has been joining our sporting activity during weekends. At first I did not mind her joining us, but it seems that she’s been doing it on a regular basis and most of the time she would join us for a meal. I also notice that she loves to talk to my husband and sometimes she doesn’t mind if I am there with my family.

I discussed this situation with my husband and all I heard from him was that she’s only a good friend and I don’t have to be jealous of her. Thus, I respected my husband’s comment and tried not to be jealous over her presence.

One day, a very dear friend of mine called me and asked me about this woman if I knew her very well, I said she only joins us weekends during our recreational activities with the kids.

My friend told me to be careful with her because she has a reputation to be a home-wrecker plus she is separated from her husband and loves to spend time with married men.

I was really shocked by what I have heard from my friend and started to be insecure when she is around. I brought the matter up with my husband and he told me not to believe all the lies I hear about her.

I am still not comfortable with her and I really want her not to join us anymore during our weekend sporting activities with the family. But my husband keeps telling me that she’s a nice person and won’t do anything to hurt our family.

Insecure Wife

Dear Insecure Wife,

You’re in a dilemma, because when you ask him to restrain this woman to your weekend activities, he continues to assure you that nothing is wrong with that. Your reaction of being selfish and jealous is but normal based on your knowledge or observation.

Right now, I feel that your family’s privacy has been invaded by this woman, even if there is nothing between her and your husband.

You need to sit down with your husband about this and explain to him clearly that you are starting to be uncomfortable with her presence during your family time together. Explain to your husband that this is a family bonding and is sacred amongst the family.

If your husband would be insistent that there is nothing going on and wants her to be there most of the time, then indeed something is wrong.

Praying for you.


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