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Bacolod City, Philippines Saturday, June 30, 2018
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Disaster Consciousness Month

July is being observed as National Disaster Consciousness Month.

The observance promotes public awareness on natural hazards and disseminates information on the steps to be undertaken to mitigate the adverse effects of such hazards.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and the Office of Civil Defense, with the Department of Interior and Local Government, in spearheading the celebration have pointed to the fact that typhoons, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions are all hazards the Philippines, one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, is at risk from.

That is why every July, National Disaster Consciousness Month is celebrated across the country, they said.

This year’s thrust also focuses on readiness and response to crisis as every Filipino’s duty.

The celebration focus echoes sentiments of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, calling for “engagement from all of society” to reduce risk, NDRRMC-OCD said.

The thrust of the celebration represents greater inclusion and empowerment of individuals and local communities to take action to reduce their own vulnerability and raise risk awareness.

The celebration is in keeping with Executive Order No. 137 signed by President Joseph Ejercito Estrada in 1999.

The EO declares the month of July as NDCM.

Activities during the month include a fun-run to improve risk understanding, fora and discussions, widespread information and education campaigns, simulation exercises to plan for response, and mangrove planting to reduce exposure to flooding, storm surges and tsunamis.

This year’s NDCM celebration highlights the goal of the disaster risk reduction and management advocacy of the Philippines that is: safeguarding of communities from the adverse effects of disasters to promote sustainable development. The essence of the month-long observance is to promote public awareness on natural hazards and disseminate information on the steps to be undertaken to mitigate the adverse effects of such hazards. 

OCD said the kick-off activity shall begin with flag raising ceremonies of all the NDRRMC agencies, local government units and partner-institutions that would be done simultaneously all over the country.

It will be followed by parallel activities scheduled within the month of July.*

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BFP-NegOcc vying for
organizational award

The Bureau of Fire Protection in Negros Occidental is vying for the BFP Organizational Unit Awards provincial level with the awarding set on August 14, in time for the 27th anniversary celebration of the Bureau.

BFP-Negros Occidental underwent an Institutionalized Assessment and Evaluation recently with a panel of evaluators, led by Fire Chief Superintendent Domingo Tambalo, of the BFP Directorial Staff, a government press release said.

BFP provincial fire marshal, Supt. Pamela Rojane Candido, briefed Tambalo and other members of the validating team namely, Supt Evangeline Pangan, chief of the Legal Affairs Services, Loida Geronimo, chief of Planning and Policy Research Section, and Senior Fire Officer 2 Marlon Bermudez, scholarship processor, on its accomplishments and inventory.

Candido said that from January to May 2018, BFP NegOcc has already inspected 47,676 establishments compared to the 56,433 establishments for the whole of 2017.

“We have zero for 2017 and, as of May 2018, for the number of building establishments recommended for stoppage of operation or closure. In other words, zero or negative only shows that Negrenses are compliant with Republic Act 9154 or the Fire Code of the Philippines,” Candido said.

She said that as of last month, the towns of Manapla and EB Magalona had no fire incident recorded.

BFP Negros Occidental deposited its collection of P22,403,531.13 to the Land Bank of the Philippines, for the first six months of 2018. As per the Bureau of Treasury, BFP Negros Occidental has no un-deposited collections, to date, the press release added.*

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Panakayon sa Negros Museum up

The Negros Museum is planning to relaunch Panakayon sa Negros Museum by August.

In addition to ongoing renovations of the museum, The Negros Museum is also reimagining the way they operate tours, particularly for students, with Panakayon sa Negros.

Tanya Lopez, the museum’s executive director, and Cleo Patricio, their education coordinator, discussed the nature and objectives of Panakayon, at a press conference yesterday.

Panakayon sa Negros Museum will be a package tour for students created by The Performance Laboratory Inc. that is unlike thetraditional museum tours from the past, Patricio said.

“(In this type of tour,) they will experience Negros - our culture, our historyand our values as Negrenses –through performances, games, souvenirs, and an interactive tour,” Patricio added.

The project was started in 2013. In the past, the museum also collaborated with the Department of Education and local teachers who were involved in different focus group discussions.

“We are relaunching it to give them another taste of (experiencing) Negros Museum (this way),” Patricio said. “We will try to relaunch it by August.”

On the improvements since the project was first launched, Patricio said they will incorporate new stories and styles this time. “We will have a different style of performances and more presentations. (Also), since the exhibits are different now and the museum has been renovated, we will have to tell different stories,” she said.

In designing the program, the organizers made sure to take into account what kids respond to in terms of education, and what they want the museum to do for them.

“In all preparations, we involve DepEd. We ask them what kids really want today,” Patricio said.

“We also considered that the role of the museum has evolved,” Lopez added. “In the past it (was) a space for collections and exhibits (where) everything is so formal and we have to be quiet. But all over the world,museums are becoming cultural hubs.”

One of the factors that prompted this project was the museum’s need to stay relevant and to accommodate their audience’s tastes and needs.

“That is a challenge we would like to tackle because we want to be fit for the future.We want to adapt to change of times because the museum plays a crucial role in the community. We have to work hard to make sure the community is aware of us,” Lopez said.

They also made Panakayonsa Negros Museum a tour that is customized according to age group. “It’s not a one-size-fits-all or one-tour-fits-all(situation). The tours will have the same content but the manner of presentation will vary according to the age of the students,” Lopez said.

The project is expected to not only bring more visitors to the museum, but to change the way they, especially the youth, see and experience museums.

“This is really something we are excited to do,” Lopez said. “(We are hopeful that) when (the students) leave the museum, they bring something with them.”

In addition to the Panakayon, museum officials also discussed the SineNegrense: Negros Island Film Festival which will be in November, LihokVisayas Arts Festival and Conference in August,the progress report on Mugna, a program geared towards sustainable cultural development in Negros, and the ongoing Summer Concert Series held by the Negros Cultural Foundation Inc. for the benefit of The Negros Museum’s restorations.*SCL

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Coke holds thanksgiving dinner

A “Gab-I sang Pagpasalamat” was held Thursday night by Coca Cola Philippines for representatives of various sectors for their support and patronage of the soft drink at the new Seda Hotel in Bacolod City.

The invited guests included government officials, Education Department representatives, business operators and members of the media who were acknowledged at the affair.

The company was led by Coca Cola Philippines President and general manager Winn Everhard, and other officials who welcomed their “partners” in their speeches.

The activity included video showing of various projects undertaken by the company and some recent donations made to local government units in Negros Occidental.*

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BFP-NegOcc vying for organizational award
Panakayon sa Negros Museum up
Coke holds thanksgiving dinner

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