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Bacolod City, Philippines Monday, April 15, 2019
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‘Eternal damnation’

Ninfa Leonardia

“ Eternal Damnation” is a solo exhibition by Tristram Estevanez Miravalles. This is from an artist whose process is highly experiential and deeply honest, and which he considers his contribution to humanity in general.

Guenivere Decena articulated the visuals as “returning to the end, we place the future behind us. Forward-looking, every new generation marches towards a new kind of past, ruled by a revised version of leaders, lured by a different god, promising a different way of receiving freedom, salvation and peace.

Eternal Damnation focuses on the groundswell of a society caught in the grasp of repeating consequential events. The artist’s visual lamentation describes the irredeemably flawed understanding of a mind facilitated only by greed and power.

Our capacities are elastic in all directions. These capacities in themselves are neither evil nor good. They are but devices that we steer according to our desires and needs. We are capable of creating a bountiful world just as we are capable of burning it to ashes.

Moving on to the beginning, we place the past before us. Backward-looking, raging on”.

Miravalles is a bearer of the Arfien flag and is affiliated with the LCC Painting Legion, Signus, and Puwersa Pintura. He has participated in more than a score of shows in Negros, Cebu, and Metro Manila, among others.

“Eternal Damnation” opened March 30, with performances by Martin Miravalles, Mr. Tan, DJ Pkol, and Beatsmith Sparrow. The exhibition is available for viewing until April 23, at Block 17 Art Space in Art District 2, Lopue’s Mandalagan annex.*

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