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Bacolod City, Philippines Tuesday, August 13, 2019
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Stop lying, Olivia tells 4 children


“I beg you to stop lying. People are laughing behind your backs,” Olivia Yanson, co-founder of Vallacar Transit Inc., appealed yesterday to her four children.

“You have the money, take some rest and relax. Contemplate and pray harder. All you have to do is to be with friends who are honest,” she said.

She urged her children – Roy, Emily, Celina and Ricardo Jr. – to avoid so-called friends who are only thinking of their own selfish interests.

Olivia, who was reacting to the Yanson 4’s allegation that Leo Rey intends to sell VTI and its properties, said her question is: “Why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? Are you that simpleminded?”

With the current improvements that Leo Rey has initiated and with the VTI income that has grown exponentially, Olivia asked why he would sell their bus firm.

“You have benefitted tremendously from his (Leo Rey) hardwork and dedication. His indefatigable efforts made you jetsetters. But with your material success, however, you unfortunately have no culture,” Olivia told her children.


Emily Yanson was caught lying again when she declared that the reason for the “attack” on the VTI headquarters in Barangay Mansilingan, Bacolod, on Friday was because the camp of her brother Leo Rey wanted nothing more than to sell VTI, lawyer Norman Golez also said yesterday.

Golez, who is the lawyer of Leo Rey, in a press statement, cited Emily’s claim that her brother’s camp “wanted nothing more than to secure for themselves corporate documents which they would use in selling their father’s company.”

First of all, it was through legal means that the VTI offices were recovered - not attacked - by Olivia, who is VTI’s co-founder, and Leo Rey as its duly-elected president and chief executive officer, he said.

“The recovery effectively ended the illegal board’s (Roy, Emily, Celina and Ricky) unlawful takeover of its offices,” Golez said.

Golez stressed that neither Olivia nor Leo Rey, or anyone from their camp, want to sell the company. They made that quite clear during their press conference held at the VTI headquarters in Barangay Mansilingan on Saturday, he said.

“It is public knowledge that VTI became what is known today through Olivia and her husband’s, Ricardo B. Yanson, hard work, sacrifice and commitment. To borrow the words of Ginnette Yanson Dumancas during the August 10 press conference, RBY was the brain while OVY was the heart of the company,” Golez said.

The success of VTI is both Olivia and her husband’s legacy that no amount of money can ever buy, he added.


“Emily is obviously inventing claims of an alleged sale of VTI to divert the issue from the real issue at hand – before the illegal board took over the VTI offices, the 3,000 ORs/CRs of VTI buses and the 800 land titles were stored securely within the office premises, and after they left on August 9, these documents can no longer be located. All just disappeared,” Golez said.

So the real question is – where are those documents and why were those taken from VTI’s main office where these documents have been stored for many years, he added.

“Emily is now resorting to such falsehoods in order to try to gain public sympathy since it is now clear to the people that Emily, along with Roy, Celina and Ricky, are the antagonist in this family saga and worst, is the ultimate rootcause for the unfortunate disruption of VTI’s operations and service to the public,” Golez said.


Olivia, in a separate press statement, told her four children that their supporters have taken advantage of the crisis situation that was triggered because of their vested interests.

“It is unfortunate that even the personal belongings of our employees were stolen,” she said.

“You are correct. There is nothing to audit because all the titles, OR, CR as well as employees' records were taken purposely to sabotage the Vallacar Transit Inc. operations. Aren't you afraid of karma?” Olivia asked.

She said when they entered the VTI headquarters, even the media saw the extent of damage and ransacking activities that the Yanson 4 supporters did to the operations, legal and administration offices of their company.

“Prudence tells us that those who pledged loyalty to you would not commit illegal acts if you did not instruct them to do it,” Olivia said.

Molotov cocktails, sharpened steel pipes, axes, boga and bolos were uncovered by the police, she also pointed out.


“You keep on invoking your father's legacy for every misdeed you had committed. What kind of legacy are you talking about? Do you think your father will agree or condone your illegal acts?” Olivia asked.

She cited their forcibly taking 51 Ceres buses and hiding them inside the Dynamic Builders compound and having their tires deflated, which greatly inconvenienced the riding public.

“Your father was an honorable man. His standing and reputation in the community precedes his good name. And if he were around today, he won't allow anything that will tarnish his image or that of his family,” Olivia said.

“The 15 branches have spoken. They only want Leo Rey to be their president. This is because they realize that Leo Rey has the heart for his people,” Olivia said.

She also asked her daughter Celina if she has ever asked herself why the finance managers did not follow her orders. “You have been treating them very badly. You showed them how heartless you can get,” she said.

“You are trying to mislead the public by telling them that you have the support of the 15 branches. If that is so, then why do people from the different branches close their gates and do not welcome any one of you?” Olivia asked.*


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