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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Negros power coops hike rates


Power rates in the three electric cooperatives of Negros Occidental are higher this month compared to December, records showed yesterday.

The Northern Negros Electric Cooperative increased its rates by P0.2931 per kilowatt-hour, or from P11.2996/kWh in December to P11.5926 this month, Central Negros Electric Cooperative by P0.1717/kWh, from P11.1810 to P11.3527/kWh, and Negros Occidental Electric Cooperative by P0.1881/kWh, or from P10.2394 to P10.4275.

Corporate Planning Division head Paul Almedilla said yesterday that the increase in power rates of Noneco were attributed to the generation cost fluctuation by P0.3265/kWh, increase in transmission/systems loss cost by P0.0782/kWh, and a decrease of other charges like lifeline rate and taxes by P0.1128 due to the cessation of stranded contract cost.

Noceco’s general manager, Jonas Discaya, also said in a statement that the increase in their power rates wasdriven mainly by the P0.1296/kWh increase in generation charge, that moved from P5.0359 to P5.1655/kWh.

Discaya also said that the systems loss and subsidy rates also registered an increase of P0.0404/kWh and P0.0094/kWh, respectively. The VAT charges also went up by P0.0518/kWh, he added.

Despite the reduction of transmission rate by P0.0431/kWh, Discaya said it was only an “offset” as the overall electricity rate went up.

Noceco’s distribution, supply, and metering charges remain unchanged despite the increase in the overall electricity rate for this month, he added.

Meanwhile, Ceneco said in a press release that power rate, that includes generation, transmission, and systems loss, is comprised of 71.64 percent of the total power rate for January at P8.1326.

Other pass-through charges that added to the amount of power rates were universal charges, feed-in tariff, lifeline and senior citizen subsidies, GRAM ICERA adjustment, KSPC adjustment, real property taxes, and Ceneco distribution, supply, metering, and reinvestment fund for sustainable Capex (capital expenditure) that totaled P11.3527/kWh.*


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