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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, June 12, 2019
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121st Independence Day

Filipinos mark today the 121st anniversary of Philippine independence. The celebration is in keeping with Republic Act No. 4166 of 1964. The theme of this year’s Independence Day celebration is “Kalayaan 2019: Pagbabagong Ipinaglaban, Alay sa Masaganang Kinabukasan. ”

On Friday, the country will mark the 48th death anniversary of President Carlos Garcia.

Garcia, a native of Talibon, Bohol, died at the age of 74 on June 14, 1971. He was the eighth president of the country.

He was also a teacher, poet, public speaker, lawyer, economist, organized guerilla member and military leader.

June Events

Nine occasions are being observed month-wide in the country in June.

The government’s official calendar identifies these as Sea Transportation Safety Month as mandated by Proclamation No. 115-A issued in 1966, Rural Workers Month (Proclamation No. 2418 issued in 1985), Philippine Environment Month (Proclamation No. 23 issued in 1988), National No Smoking Month (Proclamation No. 183, signed in 1993);

National Kidney Month (Proclamation No. 184 signed in 1993, National Dengue Awareness Month (Proclamation No. 1204 signed in 1998), Celebrate the Sea Month (Proclamation No. 1512, issued in 2008), National Information and Communications Technology Month (Proclamation No. 1521 signed in 2008), and W.A.T.C.H (We Advocate Time Consciousness and Honesty) Month (Proclamation No. 1782 issued in 2009).

Red Rose Day

Today is being celebrated in many parts of the world as Red Rose Day.

The event is held for people to show appreciation for the popular flower, which has long been used as symbols of love and beauty, among others.

To celebrate the day, one can send red roses to their sweetheart or loved ones.

Roses are best known as ornamental plants grown in the garden for their flowers. They have also been used for commercial scents and as cut flowers.

Blood Donors Day

Friday will be marked as Blood Donor Day, a celebration spearheaded by the United Nations.

The observance this year is themed, “Safe Blood for All”.

The event is an occasion to thank voluntary, unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood and also to raise awareness of the need for regular blood donations to ensure that all individuals and communities have access to affordable and timely supplies of safe and quality-assured blood and blood products.

These are integral part of universal health coverage and a key component of effective health systems.

Transfusion of blood and blood products save millions of lives every year. Blood and blood products are essential components in the proper management of women suffering from bleeding associated with pregnancy and childbirth; children suffering from severe anemia due to malaria and malnutrition; patients with blood and bone marrow disorders, inherited disorders of hemoglobin and immune deficiency conditions; victims of trauma, emergencies, disasters and accidents; as well as patients undergoing advanced medical and surgical procedures.

Russia Day

Today is a national holiday not only in the Philippines but also in Russia.

Russia Day, the national holiday of the Russian Federation, has been celebrated annually every June 12 since 1992.

It commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic which took place on June 12, 1990. The passage of this Declaration by the First Congress of People's Deputies marked the beginning of constitutional reform in the Russian Soviet state.*

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