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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, June 12, 2019
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with Ptr. Gary V. Visitacion

My hubby & my best friend

Dear Tito,

I am 34 years old, married and have three daughters. I am working for a local dental clinic while my husband is into the buy-and-sell business of second-hand cars.

My best friend whom I have known since our younger days is working abroad as a nurse. In fact, she is the former girlfriend of my husband. I was the one who introduced them to each other but along the way their relationship did not last. And eventually, the latter courted me and he became my husband but she and I remain as good friends. Then, while she was already abroad working, we continue to be in contact through social media. She even became the ninang of our children.

One thing I have noticed that she has been communicating to my husband on social media. At first, I kind of did not mind it, but lately, it has been so frequent. When I asked my husband about it, he would always tell me that she is just sharing to him her problems at her workplace. It has nothing to do with any personal matters.

I trust my husband that he can handle this situation but lately things have changed. Notably, he got some new things such as clothes, gadgets and sometimes jewelry and he would tell me that it is a gift from my best friend.

I am really bothered by the situation that is happening to my husband. He keeps on denying that nothing is going on between him and my best friend. Undeniably, one of my struggles right now is that he spends more time talking to her on social media even when we are having our family day together.

I don’t know how to handle this situation anymore. I love my husband and I also care for my best friend.

Jealous Wife

Dear Jealous Wife,

Your situation calls for an immediate attention. If you doubt your husband, maybe you can start talking to your best friend.

I know the degree of friendship between best of friends can be very deep. If you consider her your best friend, and you are comfortable talking to each other with regards to your personal lives maybe she will understand if you open up to her.

What you can share to her is all about your relationship with your husband. Tell her that her friendship with your husband has affected your personal lives.

You can even mention that if there is nothing to hide or no personal matters that are being discussed by them, why not include you in their conversation. The level of communication should be done amongst the three of you, instead of her and your husband only. This will protect even your husband in the future.

Praying for you.


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