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Bacolod City, Philippines Saturday, July 18, 2015

‘He almost slapped me!'

Dear Tita,

I love my boyfriend Rene very much. We are in our senior year in college and are planning to marry as soon as we both can find stable jobs. I find Rene the perfect life partner for me except for his temper which comes out when he is angry. He is very much in love with me but is also possessive and insecure about my love. I happen to be tall and attractive so a lot of boys give me second looks when we go out. This irks him so much and it spoils his mood for the rest of the day. I try not to smile at my male friends from school when I'm with Rene. It is so uncomfortable for me to just snub them. The times Rene makes a sudden appearance and catches me talking to my male classmates, results in an ugly confrontation.

One afternoon, my classmate Jun who has helped me a lot with my class projects, came to me to tell me about the progress of the project he was helping me with. Rene appeared suddenly and asked in a loud voice what was going on.

Jun tried to explain but Rene shouted at him so Jun left hurriedly. I was so mad that I shouted at Rene to stop acting so rudely. He faced me and asked why. Still angry, I told him that if he keeps on doing this, I would break off our relationship. Rene turned red with anger and raised his hand as if to slap me and I cringed in fear. Suddenly he just boxed the wall in anger. I tried to run away but he held me and asked forgiveness. That night, I couldn't sleep thinking of what I just saw in Rene. I'm starting to have doubts about marrying him. What do you think?


Dear Doubting Girlfriend,

This is the time to find out the true character of the man you plan to marry. If he seems to be obsessively jealous and controlling, that's a bad sign. You will surely be miserable with a man who watches you like a hawk and doesn't seem to trust you at all. He seems to have a lot of baggage which could affect your marriage. I would advise you to think things over very carefully before you decide to marry him. Believe me girl, you will be very unhappy if you are stuck with a possessive and controlling husband. There are a lot of wonderful guys out there.

Don't tie yourself to someone who might hit you once you are married.




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