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Adorio to stick with Asenso Victoriahanon

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Victorias City Councilor Virginia Adorio*

Amidst controversy between her son and mayoralty bet Javier Miguel “Javi” Benitez, re-electionist Councilor Virginia Adorio yesterday said that she is not leaving the Asenso Victoriahanon political group.

Her son Pacifico “Jun” Adorio III claimed in a press conference on April 20 that he was ordered by Javi Benitez to kneel before him and kiss his hand, which he did to pacify the latter while fearing for his life.

The younger Adorio recalled that he was summoned by Benitez on March 28 to explain why he liked the post of a certain Alberto Lacson who published on social media a photo of Javi, his father Albee, and his uncle, Third District Rep. Francisco Benitez, with a negative caption and a red X mark.

Adorio said that he repeatedly apologized to Javi at the second-floor cafe at BBB Arcade in Victorias City, where the incident took place.

In a statement, Benitez, who is running for mayor of Victorias City under the Asenso Victoriahanon ticket, strongly debunked claims of the younger Adorio.

“Jun Adorio, son of Councilor Virgie Adorio, requested for the meeting and wanted to apologize because people are doubting his loyalty to the party and our team,” Benitez said.

“Why would I do such thing”, Benitez, who is the son of former Third District Rep. Alfredo “Albee” Benitez, asked.

Albee is challenging incumbent Mayor Evelio Leonardia in the Bacolod City mayoralty race in the May 9 elections.

His allegations are baseless, false, malicious, and a stretch of his imagination—aiming to besmirch my good reputation and character that I have worked hard to protect. Clearly, this is political, Javi said.

He added there were other people in that meeting who can testify on what actually happened and reveal the truth.

One thing is certain, at the right time, matters like this will be dealt with accordingly at the proper forum, the Victorias City mayoralty bet said.

Councilor Adorio, 80, said she cannot confirm if the incident, as claimed by her son, is true or not because she was not there.

But those whom he had claimed were present vehemently denied such an incident, she added.

During a meeting with Javi, Adorio said she assured him of her loyalty to the party.

“Never doubt me. I have no attitude to change from one party to the other,” she told Javi.

Councilor Adorio admitted that she was shocked after being informed of the incident.

The reelectionist councilor also said that she was advised by her son to resign from the Asenso Victoriahanon.  But Councilor Adorio said that she will stick with her political group.

While her doctors advised her not to be stressed, the 80-year-old councilor stressed “it is her obligation to give her side on the issue.” Based on the statements of her son to her, “I don’t know what to believe right now. But it hurts as a mother.”*


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