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And so what?

Has been happening in Paris that might perk up your impish ears? Coming back from their annual vacances, which by the way is mandatory with the French government… people are more relaxed. I’ve just gotten my fourth vaccine and all I felt was a store arm the next day. Hurrah!

If anything else that relaxes my mind is that health is universal in France. I didn’t pay for my vaccine. In fact, I was greatly encouraged by my iPhone apps in French. 

When I fell down the stairs and ripped my knee tendon, my ambulance was free. First aid and hospital for the 6 hours of exam were taken cared of. A funny incident; as I was wheeled into the Emergency Room, an attendant looked at me and immediately inquired, “Are you in the fashion industry?” It took me aback, but I just had to nod as chaos was around me.

ELG, Lulu Tan Gan and Nonoy Campus (l-r); right, Lulu coaxes my pose in Issey Miyake not knowing he’d be gone soon in the fashion world*
Furniture Design Diva Ria Aougusti and Philippines’s Queen of Knit Lulu Tan Gan; middle, air fried pork belly and risotto on gold turtle designed plate; right, my muse, Melissa Lopez*

Only later did I realize that I was brought to a private room for observation with air con and attending doctor. He asked me where it hurt as I pointed to him my left leg, which I could move from left to right but could not lift it up. I had a big gash at the back of my head which was bleeding.

After half an hour, he came back, looked at my head and said it’s too big a wound to ignore. He went out for awhile and came back to say, “I’ll have to close that wound” and before I knew it, he just lifted my head and started to staple the wound! No anesthesia, just some good ole antiseptic and six staple going click, click click!

Two hours later, he came back to give me a prescription with all the contacts of Dr. Alain Meyer, one of France’s top sports surgeon. Then, I was moved to another “public” waiting area. After three hours in the hospital, I got a text message saying an ambulance was waiting outside to take me home. 

Online Facade Magazine Pinoy sensation Josel; middle, Rue de Dragon turns foodie destination; right, at Le Frond rue des Archives (l-r) Josel, Melissa Lopez, Nonoy Campos, Pål Larsen and ELG*
Sweet and juicy Charentais cantaloupes; middle, Poulpo is my summer choice; right, Rue de Dragon direction Blvd. St Germain-des-Pres*

Healthcare is so important in life. I remember finding the best masseur in Cuba and giving him a job in Bacolod. Without blinking an eyelash (and he had them dark and thick as Sean Connery) he refused my offer saying he’d never get a better health coverage than one receives in Havana.

Then, he went on about the marvelous health programs their government offered to one and all while he cracked my stiffness away. Eeerrrk, I miss my stretching massages. France gives me the same assurance on my health for free, practically! 

So, besides staying home and watching various tenants pass by my windows while following the daily CORAZON CORAZON tv program on Spanish RTVE (it’s a visual HOLA style of social reportage which Mamá would faithfully follow Isabel Preysler and the Duchessa de Alba, until our cable service lost the franchise) my Paris Kahirup group gets together as often as we could, eat in new restaurants with air conditioning and clean our homes. How’s that for la vie Parisienne? 


Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27, NIV*

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