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Bullets found at Negros Food Terminal Market

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The Provincial Legal Office is conducting an in-depth investigation into the discovery of two 9mm bullets at one of the stairs of the Negros Food Terminal Market in Bacolod City, last week, which were either left behind or fell, as initially reported by PLO chief Atty. Alberto Nellas Jr.

The discovery was made on July 3, as the provincial government of Negros Occidental started cleansing its rank and file of undesirable employees, and the signing of contract renewals for Job Order and Contract of Service employees.

Based on reports submitted by the Safety and Security Division (SSD), Nellas said that personnel assigned at the Human Resource Office were informed that bullets were left behind at the stairs of FTMON (Food Terminal Market of Occidental Negros), which is managed by the provincial government.

After their attention was called, Nellas said the SSD submitted its findings, which they are now verifying.

“They (SSD) have already a person of interest, which we are now establishing whether it is true or not,” he said.

While they are claiming that the bullets may have been left behind or fell, Nellas said they have to look at the possibility on the timing of the discovery of bullets with regard to the non-renewal of contracts of some employees, which have basis.

Provincial Administrator Atty. Rayfrando Diaz earlier reported that 20 Job Order and Contract of Service employees lost their jobs, after their contracts of service were not renewed by the provincial government.

“We will check all the angles, if there is a threat,” Nellas said.

On July 6, Nellas was designated by Diaz as overall head of “blue guards” assigned at Capitol properties, with Orlando Jundos and Ryan Recustodio as immediate supervisors.

The blue guards were formerly under the supervision of SSD head Renelo Lastierre, who will now concentrate on Capitol paid watchmen, disclosed Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson on July 10.

Unlike blue guards, who have been issued guns by their respective security agencies, Nellas clarified that Capitol paid watchmen have not been issued firearms, although he confirmed the recall of motorcycles and a pickup vehicle issued to SSD, to compliment the assets of the Provincial Disaster Management Program Division.

Asked if somebody wanted to send a message to the provincial government, following the discovery of bullets, Nellas said they are looking into it, noting it was the first time it happened.

Upon checking CCTV footage in the area, Nellas said the video was a bit blurred.

Nellas said that he issued a memorandum that firearms are banned in all Capitol offices and district hospitals.

As part of his new task as overall head of private security guards, Nellas has ordered an inventory of all blue guards assigned in various Capitol managed hospitals and other facilities, to check the compliance of the private security guards with their contracts.

Security agencies under contract by the Capitol are AGFL Security Agency Inc., ILOBAC Security Agency Inc. and GDA Security Agency Inc.

Nellas said that his new task is to ensure that the security agencies hired by the Capitol comply with the terms and conditions of their contract.*


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