Full impact

International Monetary Fund chief Kristalina Georgieva last week warned countries have yet to see the full impact of tightening financial conditions and that central banks still have some way to go in the battle with inflation. Global growth is expected


Beware of Pharisaical legalism

What is Pharisaical legalism? At bottom, it’s the understanding of law that is based only on our human ways, ignoring the ultimate basis of law who is God as revealed fully in Christ. As such, it tends to be rigid,



There were two recent stories that got my attention and I wanted to discuss in this article. The first involves 17-year-old Filipino-Singaporean Tiktokker Zoe Gabriel, who became one of social media’s flavor of the week when her video thanking her


Accelerating internet speeds

The Speedtest Global Index report of US-based Ookla that gathers information on connectivity worldwide showed that telecommunication companies’ investments in infrastructure are paying off as the speed of internet connections via fixed broadband and mobile accelerated in December by 7


The need for continuing adaptation

When Christ said, “No one sews a piece of unshrunken cloth on an old cloak. If he does, its fullness pulls away, the new from the old, and the tear gets worse,” (Mk 2,21) we are somehow reminded that in


Cost of living

A survey by the World Economic Forum warned that the cost-of-living crisis will be the biggest global risk over the next two years, as global inflation remains at sky-high levels after energy and food costs rocketed last year following the


What the Sto. Niño tells us

On this Feast of the Sto. Niño, we are reminded that irrespective of whatever status we have in this life, it is always necessary that we be like children. Why? Christ told his disciples clearly: “Unless you turn and become


Unforgivable shortcomings

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines officials were castigated by senators Thursday for alleged lax security as they remain clueless on the root cause of the massive disruption of flights on New Year’s Day which affected more than 65,000 passengers


The power of faith

Remember that episode when a paralytic was presented to Christ for curing under great effort? (cfr. Mk 2,1-12) Christ was so amazed at their faith that he not only cured the man of his illness but also forgave his sins,


Karmic due process

So the Department of Interior and Local Government has asked high ranking police officials all over the country to submit courtesy resignations because there are those that are apparently involved in the illegal drug trade. The pronouncement was apparently made

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From curse to cure

That very inhuman martyrdom of St. John the Baptist, beheaded just as a reward to a dancing girl, (cfr. Mk 6,14-29) clearly tells us that martyrdom caused by a most crazy reason is a possibility in our life. We should

Victorias City kick starts digital transformation

• GILBERT P. BAYORAN Victorias City continues to pioneer ICT innovations in Negros Occidental and Western Visayas, with its launching of Sidlak City Digital Network Assets and Project VECTOR at Don Alejandro Acuña Yap Quiña Arts and Cultural Center on

PENRO holds management conference

OIC-PENRO Joan Nathaniel Gerangaya, together with PENRO TSD and MSD chiefs, led the first Provincial Management Conference held at PENRO Conference Hall, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental to equip key players and personnel on the 2023 Work and Financial Plan’s targets

Globe logs over 11M prepaid SIM registrants

Globe Telecom has registered more than 11 million active prepaid SIMs, around a month after the law mandating all Filipinos to register their SIMs took full effect. Globe hit the milestone 11-million mark on Monday, January 30, 2023, around a

Wife seeks justice for La Castellana man’s execution

• GILBERT P. BAYORAN The wife of Ramil Europa, whose killing was claimed by the New People’s Army Leonardo Panaligan Command, has sought the help of the authorities in seeking justice for the death of her husband on January 23

Bacolod senior citizen registers 20-year-old SIM

When Erlinda Caring chanced upon a Globe SIM Registration Assistance Desk on her recent trip to a mall in Bacolod City, the 68-year-old took the opportunity to get her SIM registered. She didn’t want to cram close to the deadline