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Country’s biggest Landers opens in Bacolod

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SUPERSTORE. The 2.5-hectare Landers Superstore at the Megaworld Upper East township in Bacolod City, its biggest branch in the Philippines, that opens its doors to the public today.* Luis Kilayko/CCN photo

The 2.5-hectare Landers Superstore at the Megaworld Upper East township in Bacolod City, considered its biggest branch in the Philippines, opens to the public today, August 10.

The new flagship store gains distinction as the 11th Landers Superstore in the country and the first premium membership shopping store to open in Negros Island, bringing with it an unparalleled selection of world-class products, exclusive deals, and innovative perks never before seen in the Visayas region.

Landers has been one of the most valuable partners of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.

With the biggest Landers Superstore in Bacolod City, Graham Coates, head of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, said by the, far biggest merchandise is available, in terms of food and other international products.

It currently has 43,000 members, which Coates, said the highest membership in the history of Landers Superstore.

In a statement, Megaworld said the Landers Upper East is the fourth store located within its property.

Landers Superstore president Greg Davis, Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez, actor Matteo Guidicelli and wife, singer-movie actress Sarah Geronimo, and Megaworld president and CEO Kevin Andrew (left to right) at the initial opening of Landers Superstore at the Megaworld Upper East in Bacolod City.*GPB photo

What makes Landers Bacolod truly impressive, according to Megaworld, is its diverse selection of topnotch imported and local goods that cater to both families and local business owners. The store carries a well-curated mix of grocery staples including fresh produce sourced from local farms as well as exclusive items like hard-to-find brands and high quality, but affordable private labels.

For food options, Landers Bacolod has its own restaurant and coffee shop to satisfy hungry shoppers and curious visitors. It has a New York-inspired diner that serves pizzas, pastas, fried chicken, hotdogs in buns, French fries, and salads.

Membership perks of Landers Bacolod completes the amazing shopping experience with its host of exclusive perks for members, which include free haircuts at Federal Barbers, low-priced medicines and wellness supplies at Capital Care Pharmacy, and discounted fuel and Solane LPG at Landers-Caltex gas station.


When it comes to prices, Landers Bacolod still comes out on top for offering great deals and promos regularly to make shopping more rewarding, with members will surely take home huge savings from events like the Super Crazy Sale, Super Fuel Sale, Wine Festival, and Fresh Super Specials and more, Megaworld claimed.

To enjoy access to the store and its full range of perks, shoppers can apply for membership in-store or at Membership fees are currently priced at P350 or 50 percent off.


To compliments Landers Bacolod, Coates said they will have the groundbreaking next year of Megaworld Lifestyle Mall, which is the next thing Negrenses can look forward to, not only at the Upper East, but also North Hill as well.

For every township we do, we will be bringing in new mall, new national tenants from Manila, new restaurants, highlighting the local ones, as well, to ensure the Bacolod flavor as well, he added.

The Landers Bacolod initial opening on August 9 was attended by Kevin Andrew Tan, president and Chief Executive Officer of Megaworld, Bacolod City officials led by Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez, singer movie actress Sarah Geronimo and husband Matteo Guidicelli, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Jericho Rosales.*


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