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Health care workers hit by Covid-19 rising

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Bacolod City had 14 new COVID-19 cases yesterday, bringing its total number to 92, the Department of Health reported last night.

Of the 14 new COVID-19 patients, 5 are domestic cases, 7 locally stranded individuals (LSIs) and 2 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Three of the domestic cases are health care workers, Grace Tan, Bacolod Inter-agency Task Force Against COVID-19 spokesperson, said.

This brings the COVID-hit health care workers in Bacolod to 11.

Of the 92 COVID-hit persons in Bacolod City, as of last night, 52 have recovered, 36 are active cases and 4 have died.

The CHO said the following were the new COVID-19 cases in Bacolod City on Sunday:

Patient 73 – A 33-year-old Overseas Workers Welfare Administration member who attended a public function a day before she was swabbed for COVID-19 testing on July 16, flew to Manila on July 17, and learned that she tested positive on July 18.

She is asymptomatic and is an OWWA quarantine facility in Manila.

Patient No. 74 – A 22-year-old male APOR employee of cargo shipping company who arrived in Bacolod City on July 13, is asymptomatic and was transferred to a quarantine facility on July 17 after he tested positive for COVID-19;

Patient No. 75 – A 64-year-old construction worker with no history of travel or exposure to a COVID-19 case.

On July 6 he manifested symptoms of the virus. He was hospitalized on July 14 for progression of difficulty of breathing and cough, was swabbed on July 15, died and was cremated.

His COVID-19 positive result was released on July 17 and his close contacts have been isolated.

Patient No. 76 – A 33-year-old female health care worker who manifested COVID 19 symptoms on July 13 and was hospitalized on July 14.

She is in stable condition and her close contacts have been isolated.

Patient No. 77 – A 33-year-old male health care worker who on July 1 was exposed to a symptomatic COVID-19 case, and manifested symptoms on July 13.

He was admitted in a hospital on July 14 and swabbed for COVID 19 testing. He tested positive on July 18, is stable and his close contacts have been isolated.*


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