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Link of drug suspect’s beheading, cop’s killing under probe – BCPO


Are they related?

Director P/Col. Manuel Placido of Bacolod City Police Office yesterday said they are trying to establish whether the beheading of a drug suspect Wednesday night and the killing of an anti-illegal drug operative are related.

Speculations surfaced regarding on alleged link between the brutal killing of Glenn Paul Castillo, 42, of Deca Homes Subdivision, in Brgy. Cabug Bacolod could be related to the shooting to death of P/Staff Sgt. Joseph Nepumoceno considering that the former’s headless body was found on the same spot along Rosario Street where the policeman was gunned down Sunday.

But Placido said that while the operatives of Police Station 1 are still conducting an investigation to possibly establish the links between these two crimes, people should stop speculating. He said whatever developments they will learn through the course of investigation will be immediately released to the public.

P/Major Ramel Sarona, Station 1 commander said that based on witness’ testimonies, , the two gray and black Toyota Innova vehicles, with about eight occupants, unloaded what appears to be a cadaver, left the area and fired their guns.

The headless body which was later identified as that of Castillo was still handcuffed, when found while 6 fired cartridge cases and 2 deformed fired bullets of 45 and 9mm caliber pistols and a white cloth were recovered from the crime scene.


A message on a cardboard beside the headless body, stated “Bayad sa Utang!!! Interest pa lang… Capital preparar para suma total!!! Halong Bacolod (Payment for a debt!!! This is just the interest… prepare capital for the total!!! Be careful Bacolod).

He said that through the pictures posted on social media and sent to her, May Monge, an Overseas Filipino Worker in Alaska of Cavite, identified the severed head as that of her brother Glen Paul. The nanny of Castillo’s 9 month old baby told Monge that about five men on board a van arrived in their house past 8 p.m. Wednesday and abducted her brother.

She said that the nanny and the employee of Castillo in his vape store, who was also present during the time, then left the house and sought the help her brother’s friend, who was not named, adding that her brother was not using illegal drugs.


Brgy. Cabug, where the supposed abduction happened, is under Police Station 9 but its chief P/Major Ritchee Gohee said that they have not received any reports regarding the incident as of yesterday.


Gohee said that he sent his men who were accompanied by some barangay officials in the resident of Castillo, however, the neighbors said they did not heard anything unusual on Wednesday night. He said it is impossible that the neighbors will not hear any commotion from Castillo’s house if indeed the latter was abducted because the houses are situated near each other.

Gohee also said that his operatives told him the house was already abandoned while Castillo’s vehicle and motorcycle are in the garage.

Police records showed that Castillo was arrested along with his live-in partner Analie Baldevieso, 36 in a drug buy-bust operation on August 21 by the City Anti-Illegal Drug Operations Task Group, where the slain police officer Nepumoceno is under.

Their arrest yielded 23 grams of suspected shabu, with a market value of P156,000, according to BCPO spokesman Maj. Sherlock Gabana.

Castillo, however, was later freed from jail, after posting bail, while his live-in partner is still jail. Monge maintained that her brother is not using illegal drugs, he said.*

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