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Negative campaigning is so old style – Guv


Brushing aside allegations against him by gubernatorial candidate John Orola, reelectionist Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson even encouraged him to continue doing “negative campaigning” in the May 9 polls.

“And, he will see the results in May 9 elections,” Lacson said.

In a press statement, Orola accused the administration of Lacson as “elitist, dynastic, insensitive, unresponsive and abusive.”

I would like to know how old is Atty. Orola? Because that way of negative campaigning is so old style.” Lacson, in his reply to the accusations of Orola, said.

“Obviously, he is underestimating, especially our very young voters, thinking that if he will go on a negative campaigning, it will help your cause.” the governor added.

Ferrer also laughed off the allegations of Orola. “As far as I know, the governor is fair to all people of walks of life who approach him.”

He is a very down-to-earth person,” Ferrer further said.

You can’t be a governor “if your elitist.” You need to go the middle class as well as the masses, he added.

Ferrer also rated 99 percent the performance of Lacson as governor for more than two years.

“Our strongest weapons is our performance in the last almost three years. We will continue to go around for public service,” Lacson further said.

Definitely, we will not go through using negative campaign. We will always keep it high level, he also said.

Recalling the 2016 as the more intense competition, Lacson asked “why do you think we get together in 2019? It is because we respected ourselves.”

Lacson and Ferrer also said that the coalition will continue to support the mayoralty bid of former Rep. Alfredo Benitez in Bacolod City.

Nothing has changed, Lacson stressed.

Lacson said he is attending campaign opening salvo on March 25 in Escalante City, while Ferrer said he will be in La Carlota.

Asked if they will have their own campaign launch, Ferrer said they will plan it out and invite all the 31 mayors in the province to the event.*

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