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Negros Press Club assured of safety, freedom and rights

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Bacolod Rep. Greg Gasataya (right) with Mae Singuay, Bryan Morden and Renato Duran (l-r) Negros Press Club director, president and past president, respectively*

Bacolod Rep. Greg Gasataya assured members of the Negros Press Club of his commitment to the press’ safety, freedom, and rights, during the organization’s 87th oath-taking and induction ceremony at Sugarland Hotel Sunday.

Serving as one of the premier journalism organizations in the country, the Negros Press Club has performed the societal roles of journalists for the Negrosanon and Bacolodnon communities for nearly nine decades, Gasataya, the guest of honor and inducting officer, said.

“As an organization comprised of journalists from multiple outlets, you have embraced your diversity and turned it into strength to constantly improve your organization, and promote innovations in the field of journalism,” he said.

Mitch Lipa, Toks Lopez, Mate Espina, Roger Beltran, Adrian Bobe (l-r, seated), Bryan Morden, and Yasmin Dormido (standing)*
Virginette Nakar Bardos, Nonoy Dela Cruz, Jun Gaton, Larry Trinidad, and Jurgen Junsay (l-r)*
Aufred Sa-onoy, Manny Canto, Modesto Sa-onoy, Carla Cañet, Larry Trinidad, James Toga, and Boy Duran (l-r)*
Jemlo Victosa, Roger Ledesma, Raquel Gariando, RJ Ardiente, Chito Berjit, Anthony Ilon, Nicole Arnaiz, and Rey Siason (l-r)*
NPC president Bryan Morden, Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez, NPC secretary Prime Tejida, and Bacolod Rep. Greg Gasataya (l-r)*

Gasataya said members are also able to challenge each other by improving the quality of information delivered to the communities and journalists as well across the region.

“As a public servant, whose career is rooted in journalism, it is my pride to see my fellow journalists and the field of journalism continue to adapt and flourish, all in the pursuit of truth and public information,” he said.

Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez said that with the support of everyone, especially media practitioners, he hopes that they will be able to steer Bacolod City to the direction where they want it to be.

Meanwhile, Gasataya administered the oath of office of the NPC officers for 2023-2024 led by its president Bryan Morden, vice president Merlinda Pedrosa, secretary Primerose Catherine Tejida, treasurer Maximiano Macahilo, auditor Elsie Jolingan, and directors Jemlo Victosa, Marchel Espina, Mae Singuay, Alvin Grava, and ex-officio director Aquilino Ciocon.

Bacolod Rep. Greg Gasataya, Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez, NPC past president Eddie Dela Fuente, Abang Lingkod Partylist Rep. Stephen Paduano (l-r, seated) with NPC past presidents Aufred Sa-onoy, Chrysee Samillano, Teresa Ellera, Dolores Miranda, Renato Duran, Edmundo Aspero, Modesto Sa-onoy, and Elsie Jolingan (l-r, standing)*
Joeve Seman, Jemlo Victosa, Jinky Lazarte, Nanette Guadalquiver, Adrian Bobe (l-r, seated) and Grace Supe (standing)*
Jun Delos Reyes, Clarence and Wendy Locsin, Ligaya and NPC past president Edmundo Aspero, and James Toga (l-r)*
Prime Tejida, Dolores Miranda, Bryan Morden, Roger Beltran, Mae Singuay and Merlinda Pedrosa (l-r)*
Max Macahilo, Prime Tejida, Merlinda Pedrosa, and Bryan Morden (l-r) NPC treasurer, secretary, vice president, and president, respectively*
NPC auditor Elsie Jolingan (right) with NPC directors Alvin Grava, Jemlo Victosa and Mae Singuay (l-r)*

On the other hand, Morden swore in the new NPC members Anthony Ilon, Argee Ardiente, Nicole Ann Yocson all of Alitheia Netcast Bacolod; Roger Beltran – Negros Weekly; Simproso “Nonoy” Dela Cruz Jr. – Radyo Natin Sipalay; Eddie Colimbo and Virginette Nakar Bardos of Pasiplat Himamaylan; and Roger Ledesma of RPN DYKB.*


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