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Paris Pinoys

“They find their desire for creative experience fulfilled in each other, but it is equally about the powers of art to validate, preserve, and console after a romance is over”.

I can’t remember where I copied, pasted this but it’s so fitting for the vernissage of a young man living a truly Parisian lifestyle. The artist is Patrick Cuna, who was with LVMH Strategy and is now head of Louis Vuitton global events. He was dressed in a must have glamour gilded tux with ripped ribbons and wearing a most welcoming smile. It was in the middle of a speech by some VIP and so, I people watched. 

Tim Yap (and I heard he’s BIG) was there and gave me an elbow after I got my flute of chilled champagne. After all, we were in a private mezzanine salon at the royal Prince Galles Hôtel palace in Paris’ ritzy Avenue George V.

Lovely couple and “riche” Sandrine and Pierre; right, UNESCO diplomat Romel Malang and Scandi Interior Designer Pål Larsen*
An oval masterpiece by Patrick Cuna; middle, another Patrick Cuna masterpiece; right, “Casa Celestina” evokes the artist’s heritage home of narra, tiles, grandmother*

You see, the artist, Patrick has a lover who happens to be the lieu’s CEO! Patrick’s partner in life Gerald Krischek, a stately Austrian worthy of his position as Director General of Paris’s iconic Prince Galle Hôtel have an ideal relationship that transcends love and career. In our fast changing world, we must acknowledge such positivity. 

I bumped into an old friend from UNESCO, Romel Malang who’s still married to a French diplomat, I’m so happy for them. But my eyes really popped when I saw this hunk… my knees went weak, and yet I could swear he was familiar. So I asked him why was he so familiar?

And before he could answer, the image flashed in my mind. He’s the star of my fav Netflix French series on this real estate agent family who only deals with multimillion Euros property. “The Parisian Agency” handsome and fun Valentin Kretz who’s even a plus for me cuz his wife’s a Pinay! Chadian Sarte is an entrepreneur and businesswoman in her own right. She’s the founder and designer of her own resort wear brand. Kilig to the bones was I. 

Chadian Sarte, Valentin Kretz and Tim Yap; right, Paris’ Art-y Parties*
More successful Pinoys; right, Prince Galle Paris PDG Gérald Krischek and Patrick Cuna*

Brought to the affair by my gurlfriend Ina Mejía who is close to President Macron’s working staff, I was so impressed by Patrick Cuna who worked for a master’s degree in the luxury industry with Paris as a backdrop. How lucky can one get. I always considered luxury a lifestyle, it’s now a billion dollar industry!

Of course, being the LVMH global business developer, strategy manager and now global events head, based in Paris! And yet he was eager to meet me and showed me his works.

In this exhibit called “Patriqué” his medium was palette which takes dexterity and mastery of the craft. I asked for him to pose with Gerald which they gamely did. Wishing all the happiness for you, Dahlink Patrick!


For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory. Colossians 3:3–4, NIV*

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