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Paris weekly social report

What is it about Paris that produces philosophers? Fancy a word for polite society’s referral to being subversive.

I imagine our national hero Jose Rizal in deep thought after frolicking with the likes Parisian Cafe Society’s visual chronicler Juan Luna, who was not listed as the winner of the grand prize in his work “Spolarium” that makes our heart beat faster looking at it and knowing that this magnificent pixel of an artist’s mind is compressed into that majestic maître d’œuvre I see in Imperial Manille’s Philippine National Museum. 

And so, we conclude on the rise in global tyranny. They point out Trump, Duterte and Putin as the present narrative of our world today. Then I think about my Pinoy help who is in Paris, living in a small studio (it’s a Socialist ploy for the right to shelter) which translates into enough space for sleeping, cook, eat and bathe translate back to a payagpayag on top of a roof, paying rent and heating – working TNT to have enough money to send back for their 3 daughters being wardened by Lola.

Street chic; middle, Jetsetter icon Minnie Osmeña tries out the latest trend w Lurex, Paris; right, social media profile photo of Minnie O*
Parisienne moms go stylish bringing kids in bike gear; right, homemade crepes grand-mère*
My morning drink made out of berries, apple, banana and more berries; middle, I always pray for my beloved global community; right, a view of the start of my street where I live*
Bienvenu for Karen Cancio Litré (l-r) Ina Mejía, Melissa Lopez, Ria Aougusti w honoree; right, bouquet of Parisian anemones for y’all*

Anyway, the displacement of families were the first act of the Marcos administration that still brings in billions of pesos yearly. These must be taxed of course, so that our government would have the cash to run bureaucracy which is convincingly so French. 

Struggling workers aboard barely have a decent life, most of them without proper working papers still paying taxes because where do those billions of pesos coming in from Pinoys working in other countries that set the Philippines above sinking status? What are the 2 things one can’t run away from in our lives?  …death and taxes! Al Capone got away from all his crimes except for tax evasion.

When I think how a Philippine passport got me around the world up to when I started to live in Paris without a needed visa to enter any country except Austria (where my BB Dr. Bob was taking up a medical course in Vienna) Switzerland, and Britain if I’m correct. YSL, tsk tsk we can’t stop talking about the tax matter. 

And politics aside, what’s buzzing in the social circles is the couple of writers Matt Ridley, biologist and co-author with Alina Chan who was in the Wuhan lab team coming out with a novel “Viral”. Molecular biologist Alina Chan and science writer and zoologist Matt Ridley present the alternative theories for the still unknown origin of the Covid-19 virus. Is the pandemic the result of natural spillover of virus from bats, possibly through an intermediate animal host, or is it the result of a leak from a virology laboratory in Wuhan, probably Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The main argument for natural spillover is that this has occurred repeatedly in the past, resulting in a number of epidemics, e.g. with HIV, Ebola and the SARS virus. However, no evidence has been found for this theory. No intermediary hosts have been found in spite of examination of thousands of animals.

Concerning a laboratory leak, the authors emphasize that they consider theories postulating deliberate laboratory construction of the virus as a biological weapon as unlikely. On the other hand, they consider a laboratory leakage associated with coronavirus research plausible, either with waste material from the laboratory or through an infected laboratory worker. Recognizing that no definitive evidence has been found for this theory, they nevertheless present a series of facts which together.

In hommage to two influencers in my life, VDS’ Twinkling Ninfa Leonardia the grande dame of Negrense journalism who always wailed about this virus from  Nina and Nena Garcia who would say with a snicker about Maria Ressa – “I don’t like short people. They always have a problem.” Well, this petite lil gurl just got a Princeton award which was her alumna maris. She not only is a Princeton gurl but also a Nobel Peace Prize achiever which is nothing short to holler on top of the Tour Eiffel. 

Ho, hmmm. And that’s the week it was in gay Pareee!*

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