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PDPMD revamp likely


With all the issues hounding the Provincial Disaster Management Program Division (PDMPD), from a t410op official to low ranking employees, Provincial Administrator Atty. Rayfrando Diaz yesterday raised the possibility of a revamp among its personnel.

PDMPD head Zeaphard Gerhart Caelian is currently in hot water for P3 million in unliquidated cash grants of P3 million to the Amity Public Safety Academy and alleged conflict of interest.

Caelian was found to be a board of director of APSA, despite being the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer of the provincial government of Negros Occidental.

The provincial government of Negros Occidental also terminated the employment of 12 Contract of Service (CoS) workers, serving as ambulance drivers under PDMPD, while five other casual and regular employees form the same office are also being investigated for grave misconduct.

Diaz said they are now trying to professionalize the PDMPD by putting the right people and the right number of people to run the office.

We want people who have good track records and are trustworthy, he added.

Those who don’t want to go to that direction, we have to discipline them, he further said, apparently referring to those who refused to abide the rules and regulations.

Majority of those assigned at PDMPD are CoS and Job Order workers, Diaz said, noting also that some PDMPD employees followed their own system, ignoring the system being undertaken by the present administration of the provincial government.

The non-renewal of contracts of 12 CoS workers stemmed from alleged irregularities in trip tickets, also amid complaints of gas suppliers who were not paid on time.

Diaz said they are now trying to come up with new drivers who are NC2 (National Certificate) TESDA qualifiers.

While Caelian is still on active duty, he has a complaint to answer, which he had been reminded of long before.

Despite the unliquidated P3 million grant, APSA even requested for additional funds, but was denied by Gov. Lacson, Diaz said.

He noted that the project proposal was prepared by APSA and supported by Caelian, who is serving as among its board of directors. “I don’t think it is morally, or legally, allowed,” Diaz said.

Nellas disclosed that Caelian, who was issued a show cause order, already submitted his counter affidavit to the Provincial Legal Office.

According to the PLO chief, Caelian initially denied the allegations against him, stressing that there was no conflict of interest.*

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