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Regularization notice

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I am pleased to inform you that with the passage of the six-month probationary period, you have attained the unenviable status as a regular member of our bespoke and exclusive quarantine team facility.

As a regular member, you may continue to enjoy the following benefits and privileges until voluntary resignation or termination after due process.

  1. Face mask and face shield wearing is not required within company premises. Due to outstanding cooperation throughout the probationary period, we have ensured the health security of our campus such that mask-wearing has been deemed unnecessary. The face masks and shields made available by the organization for team members are for use upon leaving the safety of our quarantined premises.
  2. Full board and lodging is provided by the organization. Note that while regularized staff members are not entitled to an upgrade in accommodations, there will be no downgrades either. Meals are supplied with utmost consideration for any preexisting allergies or religious preferences.
  3. Internet access is provided. Please use responsibly and with consideration for other team mates.
  4. Health care is part of the benefit package. Aside from standard PhilHealth benefits, you get as much health care as the organization can afford as a regular member of the team. Consider this the best part of the package during this poorly managed pandemic.

All duties and obligations that have been fulfilled and performed during the 6-month probationary period will still be expected from team mates.

Face mask wearing and obsessive compulsive handwashing when outside is company policy. Compliance is required and violations will be dealt with accordingly by the disciplinary board and human resources department.

Face shield wearing is head office policy and you will need to comply to avoid getting into trouble with them. Autonomous team policymakers may disagree with this overkill rule that is not backed by science but our jurisdiction only covers our campus you will be on your own once leaving our premises. Despite our reservations, there is no choice but to wear that face shield of dubious effectiveness when outside. We cannot protect team members from the wrath of head office enforcers.

Leaving the premises is discouraged. Only those with essential matters pertaining to official business of the organization will be allowed exit. Always refer to your superior for gate pass approval.

In case of any official business or contact with the outside world, comprehensive contact tracing is highly encouraged.
Team mates who exit the campus are expected to take note of their itineraries and destinations, including contact with other humans when on official business or field work. This information that is the responsibility of the team mate concerned is necessary for the safety of everyone inside the campus, especially in case of an infection breach.

Disinfection and sanitation procedures upon reentry are to be strictly followed. Violators will be penalized by the disciplinary committee with relocation of sleeping quarters to outside of the usual.

In case of abnormal health symptoms, immediately inform management. Do not endanger other team members by withholding information regarding personal health.

For the duration of your continued, indefinite engagement with us, unauthorized and unscreened visitors are strictly not allowed into company grounds. Always consult with management before making plans with visitors or conducting business with other individuals, companies or organizations. Online interaction is encouraged as the primary mode of communication.

We congratulate you for somehow achieving regular status against the odds. To be frank, our department never expected to regularize any team members after initially assessingthis arrangement to be temporary with an expected duration of 2 weeks to 1 month. However, because our CEO and his management team have been unable to mount a credible response to the crisis, we have no choice but to confer regular status after the passage of six long months and the crisis still raging out of control. With top management enjoying a fixed term and no management shakeups despite horrid performance of the crisis management team neitherin the recent past nor the near future, you can be assured of a few more months under this arrangement.

The way things are being handled by top management, don’t be surprised to receive a similar notice after the 13th month of engagement.*


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