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‘The Price of Redemption’

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The cast and production team of “Ang Bili sang Aton Kaluwasan”, with Rev. Fr. Rommel Falc Palivino.* SMMP SocCom Team photos

Religious and theatrical presentations like passion plays and re-enactment of the Crucifixion were among the highlights of the Holy Week observance last week.

One of these productions was presented at the grounds of the Sta. Maria Magdalena Parish Church in the municipality of Hinigaran, Negros Occidental.

The play, “Ang Bili sang Aton Kaluwasan (The Price of Redemption)”, was presented at 5 p.m. on Maundy Thursday, April 14. It was staged by Theatrum Tintinnabulum, a youth theater ministry of the parish, headed by Jhustine Seron, with parish priest Rev. Fr. Danilo Cenal and Rev. Fr. Rommel Falc Palivino, the parish parochial vicar.

It was co-presented by the Bahaghari Performing Arts with its founding members Dante Linas, Rudniel Lloyd Tayson, Roger Beltran, Michael Divinagracia, and Joanna Canincia. Overall production in-charge was Catherine Sigueza.

The play depicted the 22 scenes – from the Triumphal Entry to the Resurrection of Jesus – portrayed by 46 youth performers from the parish.

The crucifixion scene*
Scourging of Jesus*
The kiss of Judas*

Heading the cast were James Marvin Rivera and Francis Sigueza, who alternately portrayed Jesus Christ.

Jhustine Seron played the role of Mary, the Mother of Jesus; Gemma Grace Capote was Mary Magdalene; Johnphilip Torda, Pontius Pilate; Jayward Donasco, King Herod;

Robert Remoriata, Caiaphas; Carlos Rich Valenzuela, Annas; Francis Sigueza, Joseph of Arimathea; Tom Goza, Nicodemus; Micheal Lagunday, Joshua Sioco, and Alex John Victoriano, high priests;

Cris Dwyane Guarnes, Judas Iscariot; Lawrence Millan, John; Gian Jacob Taton, Peter; and Suzaine Emmanuel as Veronica.

Jesus is condemned before Pontius Pilate*
Jesus in front of King Herod*
The last supper*
Entry to Jerusalem*

Other cast members were Claire Canincia, Jamaica Olarte, Thiennie Geodisico, Loreto Nacis, Jerol Agang, Melmel Remetre, Mark Casuyon, Alex John Victoriano, Carl Saron, Johniavan Omero, Jhared Agang, Tristan Marcial;

John Robert Canincia, Kyle Candido, Kenneth Denaga, Jesrile Costoy, Chevy Feliciano, Mj Mananquil, Cyrus Ubat, Marjun Pacione; Princess Ballnath, Jessica Borromeo, Maria Barera, Alliyah Solinap, Althea Lorraine Dela Cruz, Angel Monique Lagunday, Alyza Beth Mondragon, Faith Madridano, Nicole Vargas, Kyra Juliano, Precious Legaspi, Niña Villanueva, and RG Ysabelle Rull.*


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