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Victims’ partners cry for justice


Janet Frias, live-in partner of P/Staff Sgt. Joseph Nepumoceno, calls for justice*

The live-in partners of an anti-illegal drug operative who was gunned down in Bacolod Sunday, and of a drug suspect who was beheaded Tuesday grieved for the deaths of their loved ones as they call for justice.

Analie Baldevieso, live-in partner of Glen Paul Castillo in an exclusive interview with the DAILY STAR described the manner of his death as gruesome that they slaughtered him “like a pig”.

Baldevieso said she saw the blurred picture of the severe head of her live-in partner that was wrapped with plastic but refused to accept the fact that it was him, adding that, she cannot reconcile why they needed to behead him.

She said they were just living a normal life as businessmen owning a piggery and a vape store until they were arrested and charged for alleged illegal drug trade which she vehemently denied.

Before her live-in partner was killed Wednesday, Badevieso said, he visited her at the lock-up cell of Police Station 9 where she is currently detained and they went together to the Sum-ag gym for Covid vaccination.

The grieving woman said Castillo texted him between 11 to 12 noon informing her that he only went out to have a haircut and then went home.


Castillo was supposed to go home to Cavite after his siblings from Alaska, Taiwan and Manila raised P200,000 for his bail but he decided to stay for a while to attend his hearing on September 3.

Baldevieso said she doesn’t have any idea who could be behind her partner’s death but she assured that if ever they will know who did it, they will not retaliate and will leave it up to God because her focus now is the welfare of their 9-month-old son.

Just like Baldevieso, Janet Frias, the partner of slain P/Staff Sgt. Joseph Nepumoceno is also calling for the swift resolution of his case.

Frias, with whom the Nepumoceno has a 3-year-old daughter, said that the deceased policeman would always tell her that many people are after him due to the nature of his work being an anti-drug operative.

She said that she would always remind the policeman, whom she described as a good person, to be always careful as their daughter is still young.

Frias said that wherever he is, he should not worry because they will not cease in attaining justice for his death.

Nepumoceno was supposed to meet his mother on Sunday before he was shot dead along Rosario street in Brgy. 38. PNP chief Guillermo Eleazar had already ordered the Bacolod City Police Office and the Police Regional Office 6 to probe the case.*

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