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Visual vignettes in ‘Resilience’


RPG (seated), Mike Borromeo, Revo Yanson, and Tiano Beto (l-r, standing)*

An exhibit showcasing art pieces that attempt to “capture and translate visual vignettes” of four male artists as they try to overcome turbulences amidst one of the most challenging eras in history is ongoing at the AAB Gallery+Cafe at the Art District in Bacolod City until July 30.

Titled “Resilience”, the exhibit features the works of Revo Yanson, Mike Borromeo, Tiano Beto, and RPG, all members of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros.

Guest of honor at the opening ceremony recently was former Salvador Benedicto mayor Joemax Ortiz.

Mike Borromeo, Tiano Beto, RPG, Revo Yanson (l-r, seated), former DSB mayor Joemax Ortiz, Svet Sevilleno, Dr. Obee Canlas, Leah Samson, and Jay and Violeta Tabligan (l-r, standing)*

RPG or Ryn Paul Gonzales’ first art exhibit in 2008, titled “Dirt, Truth & Madness”, was a photo installation that helps promote and put forward a call to action for peace and justice for victims of violence and human rights abuse.

He also collaborated for installations at the Capitol Lagoon, titled “Vote Wisely”, and at the Negros Museum titled, “Jeepney”. His latest installation, “Ilaga”, depicts the struggle of the ordinary Filipinos during this time of the pandemic.

Yanson studied Bachelor of Fine Arts at La Consolacion College and his works focus on the psychological and metaphysical condition of living entities.

“Old man, old ways” by Tiano Beto; middle, “Katapusan nga posing ni don ANTonio” by RPG; right, “Resilience # 1” by Revo Yanson*
“Leaves among rocks” by Mike Borromeo*

He co-founded Kami art group and Rhymes of Resistance – a monthly poetry reading in Negros Island, and was also affiliated with Dihon Art Collective.

Yanson is interested in art that transcends social borders and reflects the innermost realms of one’s consciousness.

Beto or Bethoven Tiano had held two solo exhibits: “4,000 Holes”, a display of watercolor themed works at Maya Art Space Tippy’s Bistro, and “Storytellers” at SM City Bacolod.

He also fronts, performs, and writes for the long-running smooth/funky jazz band Nancy Brew, and is currently involved in other musical and creative projects.

Borromeo is currently working as a senior artist in environment and character design at Holysoft Studio Philippines, a game developing firm in Bacolod City.

His style goes between realism and naturalism using watercolor or mixed media as his preferred medium.*

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