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‘Uncalled for’ – PDP Visayas official on resignations

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A ranking official of the Partido Demokratiko ng Pilipinas yesterday described the reaction of its 10 party members in Victorias City, Negros Occidental, of resigning from PDP, as “uncalled for.”

Atty. Jesus Villanueva Hinlo, deputy secretary general for Visayas, admitted that he was surprised and never expected the resignations.

Hinlo earlier disclosed that PDP is considering former Victorias City Mayor Francis Frederick “Wantan” Palanca as their gubernatorial bet in the 2025 midterm elections, which had been discussed by their party members and allies.

He, however, clarified that Palanca “has not yet accepted our invitation for him to represent PDP as our governor candidate.” But he has been appointed and has taken his oath of office as PDP’s vice president in Negros Occidental, Hinlo added.

“In the event that the former mayor accepts the challenge and their invitation for him to run for governor in 2025, it is expected by PDP for the people of Victorias City to rally behind Wantan and to take pride in having one of their ‘kasimanwas’ run for governor of our province,” Hinlo said.

Victorias City Vice Mayor Abelardo Bantug III and nine city councilors, including the son of Palanca, have resigned from PDP Laban, stressing that they were never consulted on the possibility of fielding the former mayor for the gubernatorial post.

“It appears that the leadership of PDP-Laban in Negros Occidental under Atty. Hinlo has overlooked the basic principle that an organization should promote inclusivity through ‘consultation before decision,’ not the other way around,” they stressed.

“In so far as consultative democracy is concerned, they could have just talked to me ahead, since it is still premature,” Hinlo said, apparently referring to plans of fielding former Mayor Palanca in the Negros Occidental gubernatorial race.

Ironically, former Mayor Palanca is a member of Love Negros, where one of the lead convenors of the local political group is Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson, who earlier confirmed his intention to seek another term as governor of the province.

Hinlo said they believe that the majority of the Victorias City residents “will support Wantan.” “He is in touch with the masses and has performed well as a public official,” the lawyer said.

Hinlo further added that when the former mayor joins the gubernatorial race and eventually wins “the politics at the Capitol will change as he will bring the Capitol nearer to the masses.”


Cadiz City Salvador Escalante Jr., said the United Negros Alliance (UNegA) remains firm its commitment as a political group, to support Gov. Lacson in his bid for a third term.

“We are a provincial party. If you have another preference at the national level it’s your right,” Escalante, the UNegA secretary- general, said. He, however said, if PDP endorses a different gubernatorial candidate “you know what to do.” “If you disagree, resign,” he stressed.

If the PDP decides to endorse Palanca against Lacson, Escalante said he “does not know really yet.” “I can’t answer for the other mayors. I don’t want to impose my decision on them. But, it’s too early,” the mayor said.*


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