On things wrought by prayer

Had we known how our readers would react to the return of the DAILY STAR,  we would have gone on publishing it even if we had to sell the shirts off our backs, to cite a hackneyed quotation. We did


The STAR shines on

Twinkle, twinkle DAILY STARReaders wondered where you areDid your writers go somewhere?Did the COVID give them scare?Ah, but STARS will shine and glowJust to bring the news to youLord, please bless this earthbound STARKeep it shining near and far!AMEN. What


A People Power model

The Philippines started it all. Remember? It was our country that initiated changes and reforms in government through its initiative of “People Power”, probably the only bloodless revolution ever held by oppressed people. Those of us who were already of age when it happened, will never forget how we did it, how we drove off a dictator who mocked our longing for a truly democratic country. Until now, we must all hope and pray that such kind of governance will never happen to us again.


Pinoys can blown anywhere

Of course there are other reports and issues in the news today. But I am sure that for basketball fans, it didn’t matter who won the speakership of the House of Representatives. But the Los Angeles Lakers again won the championship in the 2020 series of the NBA games. I am sure the team was further inspired by the thought of their former lead man, Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash together with his young daughter earlier this year. Wherever he is now, I am sure Kobe was smiling down at his team as they trounced the Miami Heat with the score of 106-93. I can imagine him clapping his hands and calling out “Well done, Boys!”


The vaccines are coming!

It must have happened while I was asleep, but what a wonderful surprise it was to turn on my TV set and hear the news that a vaccine has already been approved and being tested. And not only that, it was also announced that there are now seven types of them, and you can take your pick as to which you will try. Will choosing be a problem? Will you pick the ones from China when the malady came from in the first place? I hadn’t time to check which other countries have produced one, but I don’t think I’d recommended the Chinese one, even the disease actually came from them.


The language of Donald and Digong

Although he is not our president, the first thing I did upon waking up yesterday was to turn on the TV to find out the condition of U.S. President Donald Trump. Somehow, I felt relieved to know that he was doing well. Just imagine the repercussions on world politics if he had succumbed to the coronavirus that everybody knows had been China’s gift to the world! Well, the media may have described him to be “obese, advanced in years (74) and with a heart condition”, but the guy is tougher than they thought.


He wouldn’t wear a mask

As soon as I turned on the TV yesterday, the headline struck me: “President Trump tests positive for coronavirus”! What? The President of the United States had no immunity against the most fearsome virus to ever hit the world? Alas, this one has no respect for rank or material possessions. Remember it had , as one of its earliest victims, the head of the United Kingdom who, luckily, survived it. Now we have to wait and see how President Trump and his medical specialist will deal with this.


Duterte would not play Solomon

We are now in the second day of October. What do most Bacoleños think about when October comes along? For the past 40 years, this month brought anticipations of our now world-famous Masskara Festival that had become a come-on, not only for People from Bacolod and Negros Occidental who are now based abroad, it also brings foreign visitors who are drawn to the festivities and the spirit of hospitality and fun our people are known for. I remember how, once during a trip to the U.S. , I was very happy to learn that many people from our city and province had been making plans to time their vacation leaves for the Masskara days!


Is the U.S. election over?

I could have kicked myself for not waking up on time to watch the Great Debate between the two contenders for the American presidency. I wish I had seen actually the exchange between incumbent Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden and judge for myself how each comported himself. I guess my system isn’t used to the fact that what is day to them is night to us, hence the failure can be blamed on my own body clock. Well, TV didn’t mind showing portions of the exchanges, with accompanying commentaries, so I believe I had caught up a bit on the results.


Trump and the storybook emperor

There used to be a comic strip titled “There ought be a law”. It was a very funny one that made whichever newspaper or magazine that carried it very salable. This time, though, that title came to me after hearing or reading a lot of complaints about fake news, especially those involving officials. Of course we do have laws on libel and other forms of materials written or spoken against anyone in a manner that would affect his or her reputation, but usually the victims just fret and fume , but do not take any action against the purveyor.

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SP urges improvements for Handumanan cemetery

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Water bird species sighting at EB Magalona

A Pied Avocet Recurvirostra avosetta was seen and recorded on January 17, during the conduct of Asian Waterbird Census at Brgy. Latasan, E.B. Magalona, Negros Occidental. A group composed of DENR, E.B. Magalona LGU and Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc.

Group aims to put Negros on ‘Chocolate Map’

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