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Bacolod drivers share inDrive experiences

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Mobility and urban services platform inDrive has made its services available to passengers and TNVS drivers in the Philippines. At the heart of inDrive’s business is its “people-driven” advocacy, where it strives to challenge injustice in the ride-hailing industry by advocating for consumerism, equal opportunities for development and prosperity. Its unique people-to-people model is designed to give both parties the freedom of choice and control according to their needs.

While conducting its operations in the country, inDrive focuses on providing drivers with the opportunity to make more money by providing quality services to consumers, provisioning consumers with the freedom of choice and the best possible user experience.


When inDrive entered the Philippines, the mobility company initially provided its application on a test basis in select cities including Bacolod City. Since its market testing to the official launch, inDrive has witnessed the perseverance and hard work of the onboarded drivers and their dedication to providing for their families and to provide the best possible services to their consumers, ensuring each consumer is provided with easy transportation services to get around the area for their needs.

inDrive’s focus has been to provide the drivers with an application that is easy and convenient to use, localized to their taste and requirements and provides the drivers with an opportunity to make more money and achieve their financial goals.


Transportation network vehicle service (TNVS) drivers are in demand these days because of the significant role of ride-hailing in today’s mobility landscape. But it’s not without its challenges. Take for example  Benjie Deniega, a taxi driver from Bacolod City. Benjie shared that one of his challenges as a TNVS driver is getting bookings that can help him earn more, such as those with farther distances. There are even times when idle hours mean he would not receive any bookings, which impacts his daily earnings.

Elizandro Robles, another driver from Bacolod, shared that managing his vehicle installments and expenses can be a concern. If one’s daily earnings are insufficient, vehicle installments can be a burden. Another challenge for a TNVS driver is having to accommodate challenging, not-so-friendly passengers, which is the case for Elizandro. When dealing with such passengers, Elizandro does his best to communicate with them calmly and politely and remind himself that the customer is always right.


As heads of their households, Benjie and Elizandro were striving to assist their families with daily needs and expenses. Additionally, both drivers wanted to continue serving Bacolod residents by helping them to reach their daily journeys. Driven by these personal missions, Benjie and Elizandro found hope in inDrive and sought to register as drivers through the app. Benjie and Elizandro each discovered inDrive through a colleague and both have recommended how user-friendly and easy it is to navigate the inDrive app.

Thanks to inDrive, Benjie and Elizandro found an opportunity to grow their daily incomes and provide for their families.


Elizandro could not help but express his gratitude to inDrive for helping him address his challenges. With inDrive, Elizandro managed his vehicle installments and expenses and was able to support the needs of his family.

Like Benjie, Elizandro received plenty of bookings in a day, even late at night. While providing transportation services using inDrive, Elizandro was able to enjoy fulfilling ride requests because he always had passengers. Elizandro also got to improve his interactions with passengers, provide excellent service and demonstrate good behavior with each ride.

Benjie and Elizandro also both noted how inDrive ensured the safety of its passengers and drivers. When using the app, drivers are able to see and review a passenger’s profile before accepting the booking request and vice versa, enabling both parties to carefully know the people they will be journeying with.

Currently, inDrive is operating in more than 700 cities and 46 countries. According to its press release, It is the world’s second most downloaded ride-hailing app with a total of 66.6 million downloads via Google Play and App Store in 2023. With its global presence, inDrive strives to continuously challenge social injustice and contribute to making the world a fairer place for people.*


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