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Positive intentionality

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And just like that, it’s 2023 already! That is how time flies. Very fast. Whenever I am reminded of how fleeting life is and how moments and opportunities can pass us by in the blink of an eye, the more resolute I am when it comes to living life intentionally and purposefully.

Why must we be positively intentional? Intentionality increases one’s focus on the things and people that are most important. It is the power of the mind to be about something, to represent a cause. Intentionality also helps one understand the purpose of her bigger vision and at the same time helps direct one’s mind and actions.

When I am intentional and purposeful, my mind and my actions are directed toward achieving goals I have set. I believe being intentional is equivalent to making good choices. When you are living more intentionally, you are not inclined to be impulsive when it comes to decision-making. You tend to think things through first. For example, you do not just make hasty investments just because you have extra money in the bank. Intentionality is all about making conscious attempts to live according to your values and beliefs which includes your lifestyle. 

While we may sometimes encounter some good fortune by accident, if we however, choose positive intentionality, there is a higher chance of us succeeding in our pursuits and we are less likely to encounter mishaps because we are conscious of what we intend to achieve and even while we are in the process of achieving it.

Research revealed that highly successful people are intentional in their thoughts, goals, time, focus, finances, learning and communication. They also do not leave to luck their health and relationships.

The quote, “The will to win is nearly as important as the will to prepare to win,” simply emphasizes that preparation is an intentional behavior. As Ben Newman, Forbes Councils member, puts it, “great leaders are intentional in how they communicate, in the daily disciplines that drive them personally and professionally, and in how they lead and inspire others”.

Of course, it is a process. How to start? It begins by raising one’s level of consciousness and focus on what it will take him or her to improve. As Newman explains, if we are more engaged with people who matter on a personal level, we are more ready to give and to receive love and affection.

Be aware of the present moment. At all times. Can you remember the last time you presided a meeting? Did you have an agenda that you were able to clearly communicate? A meeting without a clear agenda will drag on forever, make your mind drift and it will be a waste of valuable time. And time lost can never be recovered.

As for me, I am currently challenging dead space in my life. I am identifying what frustrates me the most so that I can address it, eliminate what weighs me down and do away with unnecessary tasks and thinking that consume unnecessary time, emotion and energy. It is clear to me that by carefully choosing where to put my focus, time, energy and emotion on, I will not only be more productive but also happier and healthier. Easier said than done? But at least, I am doing something with what I recognize as clutter that I need to throw away in order to lighten my load.

Newman points out that “when you attack these problems through intentional behavior, your image, personal brand and self-esteem will flourish”.

Indeed, the will to win must first be exceeded by the will to prepare.


And speaking of the will to win and the will to prepare, I and fellow disability advocates are all busy preparing for an event that will be a first in Bacolod and Negros Occidental. Since I have been talking about being intentional, organizers of the upcoming “Night to Shine” event are determined to make persons with disabilities enjoy a prom night experience that is centered on God’s love for people with special needs ages 14 and older.

Mind you, this is no ordinary gathering because no less than the Tim Tebow Foundation is sponsoring this special event as it celebrates its 9th anniversary. The foundation has been honoring PWDs all over the world since 2014. Tebow is an American football player who was raised in Palawan when his parents served as missionaries in the Philippines. This is the reason why the former National Football League quarterback and ESPN commentator regularly does his ministry in the country.

Carla Ajele Pendon, Acting Executive Director of Christian Foundation for Persons with Disabilities (CFPD) said “Night to Shine” is regularly held by the Tim Tebow Foundation across the United States of America and in various parts of the world to make PWDs feel valued and loved.
          “The event on February 8 is very important because it brings hope and light. Through this, everybody will feel loved and celebrated. People with special needs and disabilities are able to develop their identity through people who God allows them to connect with. We are also doing our best to make ministries inclusive for people with disabilities” explained Pendon.

Fifty to 75 individuals with disabilities in Bacolod and Negros Occidental will be treated during the gala prepared exclusively for them said Pendon. Plus, a crowning ceremony shall serve as the highlight of the evening.

“The crowning ceremony is very special because it will remind us all that every PWD is the son or daughter of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords,” she added.

CFPD is the lead organizer of the “Night to Shine” event in partnership with Happy Beginners School of Learning. Four Special Education schools, four churches and dozens of volunteers are actively helping out in the preparations to make the honored guests – the PWDs – shine on the said night. 

Those involved in this project are enjoining the community for support that can be extended to PWDs who will take center stage during the gala. Anyone who wishes to help or be part of the pool of volunteers may get in touch with CFPD. I tell you, being able to do something to make these special people happy is priceless. 

I am excited to see them shine! Let us make this happen!*


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